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Design Talk LIVE Podcast Reboots to Ignite Unfiltered Conversations in the Design Community

Denver, CO – November 2, 2023

After a four-year hiatus, Design Talk LIVE Podcast is excited to announce its triumphant return to the airwaves. This reinvigorated podcast is set to rekindle engaging and unfiltered conversations within the hospitality, commercial, and residential design industry.

Hosted by Joseph Haecker, the Design Talk LIVE Podcast previously amassed an impressive 3.2 million views in 2018, creating an impactful space for insightful discussions, compelling stories, and industry insights. The show's resurrection aims to continue its tradition of candid and profound conversations.

The podcast's revival aims to provide a fresh platform for industry insiders, designers, manufacturers, and influencers to share their unique perspectives and experiences. Design Talk LIVE extends an open invitation to the design community, inviting them to engage, enlighten, and inspire the listeners.

"We're ecstatic to bring Design Talk LIVE back to life," said Joseph Haecker, the host of the show. "Our goal is to continue the legacy of candid conversations, shedding light on the intricate and vibrant world of design. We are dedicated to fostering a platform for unfiltered dialogues, connecting industry leaders and enthusiasts."

The original show captured 3.2 million views, fostering discussions within the design community and delving into intimate dialogues with both renowned figures and industry creators.

Design Talk LIVE was never about gloss or perfection; it embraced the rawness of real, unfiltered conversations. We navigated through triumphs and tragedies, shedding light on stories that demanded our attention. During times of profound loss, our platform facilitated discussions around difficult topics such as the tragic losses of icons like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

Following a much-needed hiatus, I strongly believe it’s time to rekindle the fire of conversation.

Design Talk LIVE is making a comeback, and this time, we're moving to Spotify. The show is poised to delve even deeper, facilitating more profound, meaningful conversations with designers and manufacturers from the hospitality, commercial, and residential design sectors.

Our focus is set on not just keeping up with the latest in design, but delving into the conversations we tend to evade—the crucial dialogues that the community needs to have. It's about creating a space for unfiltered discussions, shedding light on the imperfections and the beauty that lies within the world of design.

The renewed podcast will not only feature voice-over advertising opportunities for brands but will also venture into live events, engaging in-person discussions, and collaborations. With the profound realization of the power of community and live events, Design Talk LIVE plans to host podcasts in front of live audiences, taking the conversation on the road.

So, it is with genuine pleasure that I extend an invitation for you to be part of this journey once again. Your insights, your experiences, and your voice are invaluable in shaping these conversations. Together, let's pick up where we left off—reignite the dialogue and continue weaving the fabric of the design community.

Welcome back to Design Talk LIVE. Let's resume our conversation and embark on this new chapter, fostering a community of enriched, honest discussions.


Joseph Haecker

Host of the Design Talk LIVE Podcast

on Spotify

For more information or to be part of this journey, visit or contact

Design Talk LIVE Podcast is excited to dive back into the heart of design, reigniting the conversation, and creating a space for raw, unfiltered insights.


About Design Talk LIVE

Design Talk LIVE is a podcast dedicated to unfiltered conversations within the hospitality, commercial, and residential design community. Hosted by Joseph Haecker, the podcast provides a platform for industry insiders, designers, manufacturers, and influencers to engage in meaningful and profound dialogues.

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