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Five years later...and we're back.

After a considerable hiatus, I am elated to announce the revival of Design Talk LIVE! As the host of this platform, I am Joseph Haecker, the one behind the conversations that resonated and touched the lives of millions back in 2008. The original show captured 3.2 million views, fostering discussions within the design community and delving into intimate dialogues with both renowned figures and industry creators. Design Talk LIVE was never about gloss or perfection; it embraced the rawness of real, unfiltered conversations. We navigated through triumphs and tragedies, shedding light on stories that demanded our attention. During times of profound loss, our platform facilitated discussions around difficult topics such as the tragic losses of icons like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Following a much-needed hiatus, I strongly believe it’s time to rekindle the fire of conversation. Design Talk LIVE is making a comeback, and this time, we're moving to Spotify. The show is poised to delve even deeper, facilitating more profound, meaningful conversations with designers and manufacturers from the hospitality, commercial, and residential design sectors. Our focus is set on not just keeping up with the latest in design, but delving into the conversations we tend to evade—the crucial dialogues that the community needs to have. It's about creating a space for unfiltered discussions, shedding light on the imperfections and the beauty that lies within the world of design. So, it is with genuine pleasure that I extend an invitation for you to be part of this journey once again. Your insights, your experiences, and your voice are invaluable in shaping these conversations. Together, let's pick up where we left off—reignite the dialogue and continue weaving the fabric of the design community. Welcome back to Design Talk LIVE. Let's resume our conversation and embark on this new chapter, fostering a community of enriched, honest discussions. With much anticipation, Joseph Haecker Host, Design Talk LIVE

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Tom De Santo
Property Brothers
Who Should Sign Up as a Guest on Design Talk LIVE?

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about design, whether you're a seasoned professional, an emerging talent, a thought leader, an innovator, or an influencer within the design landscape. If you have a unique perspective, a compelling story, or innovative ideas to share, we welcome you to join us as a guest on Design Talk LIVE. Ideal guests for our show include: 1. Design Innovators: Are you breaking new ground in design? Have you introduced unconventional, groundbreaking ideas, or made remarkable strides within the industry? 2. Thought Leaders: Do you possess a deep understanding of design's cultural impact? Have you sparked critical conversations or shed light on pressing issues within the design community? 3. Emerging Talents: Are you an up-and-coming designer with fresh perspectives, unique concepts, or an inspiring journey within the field of design? 4. Industry Influencers: Are you a key figure influencing the direction of design, whether through manufacturing, trends, or entrepreneurial ventures? 5. Passionate Advocates: Do you champion sustainability, inclusivity, or social responsibility within design? Are you committed to driving positive change through your work? If you resonate with any of these categories and believe you have a story, an expertise, or a perspective that could enrich the design conversation, we invite you to join us as a guest on Design Talk LIVE. Let's dive into the heart of design, exploring its multifaceted dimensions and uncovering the stories that shape the industry.

What to Expect as a Guest on Design Talk LIVE

Design Talk LIVE is thrilled to welcome you as a guest on our podcast. Here's what you can anticipate: 1. Recording Schedule: Our podcasts are recorded on Wednesday afternoons. We understand the value of your time, and we aim to make this experience as convenient as possible for you. 2. Guest-Selected Topics: As a guest, you have the opportunity to choose the topic you wish to discuss. We encourage you to bring forth subjects that resonate with you, highlight your expertise, or stir engaging conversations within the design community. 3. Recording Duration: The recording process typically spans between 15 to 45 minutes, ensuring a concise yet impactful conversation. We aim to capture the essence of the discussion without compromising on depth and insight. 4. Recording Platform: Design Talk LIVE records all episodes exclusively on Spotify, utilizing a dedicated Spotify Link for the recording process. 5. Editing and Scheduling: Post-recording, our dedicated team handles the editing and scheduling of episodes for airing at a later date. This process ensures the highest quality content for our audience. 6. Raw and Unfiltered Conversations: At Design Talk LIVE, we value raw, unfiltered conversations. We invite guests to share their authentic perspectives, experiences, and insights without reservation. Our goal is to create an environment where the true essence of design and the stories behind it can be candidly shared. Join us on Design Talk LIVE for an enaging, unscripted conversation where your voice matters and your ideas find a platform to flourish.

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Be a guest on Design Talk LIVE and share the topics that matter most to you! With Design Talk LIVE, the guests choose the topics. We have the raw and unfiltered conversation! Register to be a guest on Season 3!
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