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The Powerhouse Behind Your Home Staging Empire: The General Manager

Hey there, fellow Home Staging entrepreneurs! As we navigate the exciting journey of transforming spaces into captivating dream homes, I've got a burning question for you: What does the future of your home staging company look like? Are you envisioning an empire that stands the test of time, or perhaps even setting the stage for a successful exit?

Regardless of your aspirations, there's a vital piece that often gets overlooked in our conversations – the role of a General Manager.

We, as Home Stagers, are known for passionately advocating against DIY home staging by homeowners and Realtors. Yet, here's a paradox: While we highlight the pitfalls of DIY staging, many of us are DIY-ing our marketing, sales, design, warehouse management, and various aspects of our own businesses.

It's time we turn the spotlight inward and ponder how a skilled General Manager can amplify our success.

Dispelling Myths About Hiring a General Manager

  1. Loss of Control – Myth or Reality? A common misconception is that bringing in a General Manager means relinquishing control. However, think of it as an expansion of your team. Your GM becomes your trusted partner, executing your vision while freeing up your time to focus on the bigger picture. According to Forbes, entrepreneurs who delegate effectively are more likely to grow their businesses sustainably.

  2. Financial Burden – A Wise Investment The thought of adding another salary to your expenses might raise concerns. But consider this: by streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency, your General Manager can boost revenue and trim unnecessary costs. This investment often pays for itself, as demonstrated in studies by Bloomberg News.

  3. Design Intent and Quality Control – Aligned, Not Compromised Worried that your unique design touch will be diluted? A skilled General Manager will understand and execute your design intent flawlessly. With proper guidelines and oversight, quality control can be maintained, ensuring every project reflects your signature style.

Unveiling the Benefits of a General Manager

  1. Operational Harmony: Imagine a business that functions seamlessly, even in your absence. Your General Manager ensures everything from client interactions to project execution runs like a well-choreographed dance.

  2. Time Freedom: Your days no longer chained to tasks that drain your creative energy. Focus on innovation, growth strategies, and nurturing client relationships.

  3. Scalability: Ready to take your business to new heights? With a GM handling the daily operations, you can expand without spreading yourself thin.

  4. Strategic Planning: Armed with a GM's insights, you're better equipped to make informed decisions that align with your long-term vision.

  5. A Stepping Stone to Exit: Dreaming of retiring or selling your business? A smoothly running enterprise, thanks to your General Manager, becomes an attractive asset that's easier to sell, as observed in reports by Wall Street Journal.

Paving the Path to a Profitable Exit

As I reflect on my own journey from a lighting designer to a tech founder, book author, and public speaker, I'm reminded of the immense potential that lies in a strategically structured company. The profits and freedom that stem from selling or exiting your business are immeasurable. Having a General Manager in place is not just a convenience – it's a game-changer that elevates your company's value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

Remember, my fellow Home Staging trailblazers, success isn't solely about what we achieve personally; it's about the legacy we leave behind. As we gaze into the future of our home staging empires, let's recognize that a skilled General Manager isn't a compromise; it's an investment in our own success story.

So, let's embrace this transformation, knowing that with the right General Manager by our side, we're not only shaping dream homes but also building a dream exit that's poised for unmatched profitability and freedom.

Keep staging on, my friends.

Yours passionately,

Joseph Haecker


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