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The Magic of Podcasting: An Interview with Joseph Haecker, Host of Design Talk LIVE

Podcast Magazine: As the authority on all things podcasting, we sat down with Joseph Haecker, host of the Design Talk LIVE Podcast, to discuss his unique insights into the podcasting world. Known for his candid and thought-provoking approach, Joseph shares the true value of podcasting and the innovative ways he’s connecting brands with their audience.



Podcast Magazine: Joseph, thank you for joining us today. Let's start with your greatest insight about podcasting. You've mentioned before that "Podcasting has nothing to do with podcasting. The true magic in podcasting is the access to guests, and the ability to host events that benefit the sponsors." Can you elaborate on that?

Joseph Haecker: Absolutely. When I started podcasting, I quickly realized that the podcast itself was just a medium. The real magic happens behind the scenes. It's about the access to thought leaders, celebrities, and influencers. Brands want to be associated with these people because it matters to their clients and customers. The actual podcast and where it's hosted, like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, doesn't matter as much as many podcasters think. It's the relationships and events that you can create around the podcast that bring true value.

Podcast Magazine: That’s a fascinating perspective. Can you give us an overview of Design Talk LIVE and who your audience is?

Joseph Haecker: Sure! In 2017, I was traveling from High Point, NC, to DC for an event, and then onto LA for the West Edge Design Fair. I saw my design friends buzzing about the latest "Color of the Year," and it sparked something in me. The next morning, I went live on Facebook with a rant I titled "F*ck the Trends." That impromptu rant evolved into a weekly Facebook LIVE talk show that exploded in popularity, clearing 3.2 million views in 2018.

Our audience is primarily design professionals—interior designers, architects, product designers, and design enthusiasts. We cover everything from industry trends to personal journeys of design icons. One of our standout moments was the Lip Sync Battle episode we did with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, which hit 500,000 views in just seven days. Another highlight was hosting the "Unofficial HGTV Reunion" in partnership with Surya Rugs, Theodore Alexander, and House Tipster.

Photo by House Tipster at Surya Rugs "Unofficial HGTV Reunion

Podcast Magazine: It sounds like you’ve had some incredible moments. What did you discover about the importance of metrics like downloads and viewer counts in podcasting?

Joseph Haecker: Metrics like downloads and views are often overrated. Many podcasters obsess over these numbers, thinking they reflect success. In reality, the true value lies in the connections you make and the influence you build. The most significant advantage of podcasting is the access it gives you to influential guests. Brands see this access as incredibly valuable because it helps them connect with their target audience in a more meaningful way.

Podcast Magazine: You’ve mentioned that in-person events are crucial. How are you incorporating this into Season 3 of Design Talk LIVE?

Joseph Haecker: For Season 3, we're taking Design Talk LIVE on the road. We're including in-person, LIVE studio audience podcasts at our sponsors' showrooms, tradeshows, and events. This approach allows us to bring our community together, creating a dynamic experience that goes beyond just listening to a podcast. Brands can engage directly with their audience, creating memorable interactions that drive traffic and build stronger relationships.

Podcast Magazine: That sounds like an innovative approach. As you gear up for Season 3, what message do you have for potential sponsors?

Joseph Haecker: We're excited to set up sponsorships for Season 3, and we invite brands, marketing companies, and industry professionals to join us. The true value of partnering with Design Talk LIVE lies in our ability to connect sponsors with influential guests and host in-person events that attract clients and customers. If you're interested in leveraging these opportunities and becoming a sponsor, visit us at Let's create something extraordinary together!

Podcast Magazine: Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your insights. We look forward to seeing what Design Talk LIVE brings in Season 3.


Ready to sponsor Season 3 of Design Talk LIVE and join us on the road? Click here for more information and to become a sponsor. Let's make this season unforgettable!

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