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From the Editor's Desk: Design Porn's Unapologetic Narrative

As the Editor-in-Chief of Design Porn, I've been incensed by a question that seems to go unspoken in the world of the design and architecture:

Where can our community turn to uncover authentic, unfiltered stories from within our industry?

Truth be told, from celebrity friends, to manufacturers and people just getting started in the industry, the question is always the same...

"Is this what it's supposed to be like?"

The landscape of design publications resembles a glitzy façade, masking an uncomfortable truth. Behind the gloss of Architectural Digest, Country Living, and Luxe Magazine, there's a stark reality: You are only invited to be featured so they can sell subscriptions to my mom and the consumer.

YOU are NOT the "feature". You are the "Attraction".

But today, we're about to delve into this uncomfortable truth, exploring the unsettling relationship between designers, architects, and the media that commodifies their stories for consumer consumption. Join me as we navigate through this maze of consumer-centric media, revealing the pressing need for a platform that isn't about sales figures but about our raw, unadulterated stories.

Welcome to the uncensored world of Design Porn.

In the vast expanse of consumer publications like Architectural Digest, Country Living, and Luxe Magazine, our industry's stories are transformed into glossy narratives that sell copies and advertisements. Yet, amidst the glossy pages, I've realized we, the designers and architects, are not the protagonists—we're the product. Our stories, our projects, our creativity—all become vehicles to generate revenue, enticing readers with snapshots of opulence and beauty while overlooking the essence of our craft.

These publications profit from our work, but do they truly represent us?

They entice us with the promise of visibility but often deliver a diluted portrayal of our creative processes. The design community is reduced to mere content, used to serve a consumer-driven agenda. It's a cycle: the more we're consumed by these magazines, the less we're authentically represented.

In this exploitative model, our industry is commodified, reducing our narratives to sell advertisements. We are sculptors, creators, visionaries, yet within these consumer-centric realms, our stories are curated for an audience that isn't our peer—the consumer. There's a disconnection between our craft and the representation we receive—a disservice to the integrity and richness of our work.


What the hell is Design Porn?

Design Porn is the antithesis of this consumer-driven narrative.

It's a space that diverges from the traditional media model, deliberately offering uncensored narratives and authentic insights within the design and architecture industry. Our objective isn't to cater to the masses but to become a sanctuary for designers and architects—

a platform where the industry can uncover its hidden stories, unfiltered by consumer appetites.

We are not reliant on consumer-driven advertising; instead, we've chosen an alternative path. While platforms like Architectural Digest rely on consumer-centric ad revenues, we aim to connect designers with manufacturers who seek direct exposure to our professional audience. Our revenue model centers on industry-targeted advertising that aligns with our audience's needs and interests, ensuring that our content remains authentic and industry-driven.

Our primary audience isn't the consumer—

it's you, the designers, and architects.

Design Porn is your backstage pass into the real, unadulterated stories of your industry peers. It's an opportunity to peek behind the scenes, learning about the business of design, drawing inspiration from authentic experiences, and challenging the norms that traditional publications uphold. In this space, our narratives aren't diluted for mass appeal; they're designed for you, by you.

Design Porn isn't just a digital publication—

it's an invitation.

I urge every designer and architect out there to consider this a call to action. Your stories, experiences, challenges, and triumphs are the lifeblood of our industry. Share them with us; let them be part of this unfiltered narrative.

So, I ask you: are you willing to strip away the conventional, the consumer-driven, and the superficial layers that envelop our industry? Are you ready to bare the soul of your craft, to explore the hidden corners, the provocative inspirations, and the unspoken truths?

Design Porn isn't just a voyeuristic escapade; it's an open canvas for your creativity, an uncensored platform for your unfiltered narratives. Submit your stories, thoughts, and experiences. Become part of this movement that challenges the norm, stretches creative boundaries, and elevates our profession beyond the glossy pages of commercialized magazines.

Consider this an open invitation to share your story, provoke thought, and inspire innovation. It's time to create a community where our true stories are the focal point, and our creative spirits drive the conversation.

Join us at Design Porn, and let's redefine what it means to get naked—for design.

Joseph Haecker


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