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Crafting Success Stories: My Role as Fractional CMO for Allison Eden Studios

Hey there! Joseph Haecker here, and I'm beyond thrilled to share some exciting news about my latest venture as a Fractional CMO for the iconic Allison Eden Studios.

My journey with Allison dates back to 2016 when we crossed paths at Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California. Little did I know that this encounter would blossom into a dynamic collaboration that spans numerous events, podcasts, and creative projects over the years.

Fast forward to 2024, the year I introduced my Fractional CMO Program, designed to partner with brands and companies committed to building community and engaging customers for increased revenues. That's when Allison and Gary reached out to me after returning from a vacation in Mexico, expressing interest in my unique CMO offering.

Our conversations delved into the core of their business, exploring the extensive retail network, primary and secondary revenue streams, and opportunities for improvement. Together, we're on a mission to revamp their digital presence, starting with a website overhaul that includes tailored portals to support their retail network. These portals will provide real-time updates, access to social media content, display and merchandising materials, featured stories, and rate sheets.


Let's take a quick pause and share "What is a Fractional CMO?"

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a seasoned professional who, instead of being employed full-time, works with companies on a part-time or project basis to strategize, execute, and oversee their marketing efforts. It's an innovative approach to having the expertise of a CMO without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Now, let me demystify how a Fractional CMO, like yours truly, stands out from the traditional marketing role. Drawing upon my diverse background – from being a custom lighting designer in the high-end residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors to heading product design for Solatube, raising funding for and launching over 48 tech companies, hosting podcasts in the interior design space, and writing extensively on topics ranging from the business of interior design to real estate and home staging – my approach is multifaceted.

Moreover, having led global product launch programs, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. However, what sets me apart is not just this rich tapestry of professional experiences but a fundamental understanding of basic human behavior and the art of storytelling.

Imagine these elements converging – an inquisitive mind, a background as a former custom lighting designer, and a track record of successful product launches and entrepreneurial endeavors – creating the ideal concoction for a Fractional CMO. In this role, I offer tailored, strategic marketing guidance that aligns with a company's goals and values.

So, whether it's refining your brand narrative, optimizing your marketing strategies, or boosting customer engagement, a Fractional CMO brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and a fresh perspective to the table, enhancing your marketing initiatives in ways beyond the scope of a traditional marketing role.


As part of our strategy, we're also launching a digital magazine to showcase projects generated through retail locations. This platform will spotlight design projects featuring Allison Eden products, fostering engagement and storytelling within their community.

The essence of our program is centered on branding and client support, creating a nurturing environment that propels revenue through their distribution network. The goal is to amplify their existing success by sharing the captivating story of Allison Eden with their network and future customers.

People and companies associated with Allison Eden Studios share a common sentiment—they absolutely LOVE Allison and her glass mosaic art. My role as Fractional CMO is to amplify this sentiment, crafting a strategy that not only sustains what they've built but also expands their reach and resonates with their audience.


If you're a brand or company that values community building and client engagement, with the desire to see profits soar, let's connect. I'm committed to working with only eight brands per year as a Fractional CMO. Give me just 30 minutes on a call, and together we'll weave a narrative that propels you toward your goals.

Schedule a call at:

Let's set your brand on a path to success.


Joseph Haecker

Business Strategist, Advisor and Fractional CMO

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