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Oakville, Ontario
Published on:
February 28, 2024 at 4:04:39 AM
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Mediarama Studios
REFORMA Interiors
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Kristyn Pereira

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From Skyline to Fine Line
Oakville, Ontario
Published on:
February 28, 2024 at 4:04:39 AM
Thank you for sitting with us today. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about you and your company?
Absolutely, I'd love to share a bit about myself and REFORMA Interiors. I'm Kristyn Pereira, the owner and principal designer at REFORMA Interiors. My journey in the design world started with home staging, where I learned to create beautiful, appealing spaces that tell a story. This experience laid the groundwork for my understanding of space, color, and style.

My true passion, however, lies in creating dream spaces that clients can enjoy every day. I believe that a well-designed space can positively impact a person's daily life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. By carefully considering clients' needs, preferences, and lifestyles, I curate designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and personalized.

At REFORMA Interiors, we specialize in transforming spaces to reflect the unique personalities and lifestyles of our clients. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that each element of the space is carefully and thoughtfully executed. Our focus is on creating designs that evoke emotions, reflect your aspirations, and inspire you daily.

Our mission, encapsulated by the Portuguese word "REFORMA" meaning "Makeover", is to makeover lives by making over spaces. Every project is executed using a comprehensive approach, ensuring that every aspect of the project is meticulously planned and executed, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients.

So, I'm excited to dive into your latest project. Can you start out by sharing a little bit about how this project came to be?
This project found its way to us through a simple Google search by our clients. They live overseas but frequently visit, and their children study here. The routine of hotel stays had worn on them, and they really wanted a space where they could enjoy family meals and have another place their whole family could call another home.
So, each project has its, let's call it its "challenge". What aspect of this design was a challenge from the onset?
There were a few design challenges in this project, but I think the biggest one was turning the Den into a 3rd bedroom. It opened into the kitchen and also into the hallway on the other side of the room. The large window in the den also provided a large amount of natural light into the hallway and entrance of the space, so we needed to come up with a solution to close off the room, while still making it feel open but providing privacy at the same time.
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Now that we know the challenge. What was your vision for the project?
I was very lucky that my vision and my clients were very aligned from the beginning. The property was a penthouse condo with lots of huge beautiful windows, overlooking the city and the lake. We wanted to incorporate the light, natural colours of outside with a warm, almost coastal feeling with the decor. The condo had been previously renovated, so I wanted to incorporate what was existing while modernizing it to achieve the look we were going for. With the Den, I wanted to create oversized sliding doors glass doors that mimicked the existing interior doors in the unit.
Now that you have the scope and project visualized, what does your team look like? And how do you go about executing on the vision?
I'm very fortunate to have an incredible contractor who has the best team. We brainstormed several ideas together after sharing my vision and goals for the project. He had recently been shown something from one of his vendors called "smart glass" that can turn glass from clear to frosted by flipping a switch. Genius. So we were able to create these stunning doors that let light flood in and keep the space feeling open. When privacy was needed they could just flip the switch to frost the glass while still letting the light flow through.
So, each project has one or two aspects that really excite us as a designer. What were a couple features that you were excited to bring to life?
This unit had a huge dining room with one big wall that was really too big to hang anything on. We custom made a 12 seater dining table and installed a gorgeous black and white mural on the back wall. We played with a few ideas for this wall, but the mural was so striking against the simplicity of the dining set. It was really exciting to see it come together.
Now, not every project goes as planned. What design hurdle did you and your team encounter,? And how'd you overcome it?
We a lime wash on the walls in the primary bedroom. This was the first lime wash anyone had ever done. Originally we were going to just do it as a feature wall. The initial colour I chose ended up being really muddy looking and nothing at all like I had envisioned. I went right to the paint store myself and learned from the owner who is a lime wash specialist. She advised on colours that would suit what I was looking for and some tips on how to execute it. The tricky thing about lime wash is that it looks completely different wet than dry, and the way it's applied makes all of the difference. I spent hours there, trying to re- mix the paint into something beautiful. Finally we figured it out and got it on the wall. Once we did the one wall, I just knew we had to do the entire room. It added the most beautiful soft texture to the room and really made it feel so much warmer and inviting. Paired with linen bedding and light wood furnishings, the room felt so serene. It was worth every second!
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Now, not every project goes as planned. What design hurdle did you and your team encounter,? And how'd you overcome it?
When we started the project, the original pendants over the kitchen island were very small about 5"D on a 10' counter. I chose most substantial sized pendants that felt more proportionate to the size of the space. When we went to install them we realized that the placement of them was very close to a side cabinet that would hit the new pendants. Because there were cabinets at the end of the island, in order the correctly frame the hood with the pendants, they needed to be closer to the cabinet than would be ideal. We ended up replacing the lights to something smaller scale and visually lighter so it didn't draw attention to the symmetry.
Well, it has been wonderful learning more of the background and context for this project. How would our readers learn more about you and your company?
Yes! They can head to our website to learn more about our services and who we are. They can also schedule a discovery call with me through the website to discuss their project. Also, you can find us on Facebook, instagram and TikTok @reformainteriors to get to know us a little better as well.
Well, this has been a blast. Thank you for sitting with us today.
Thank you so much, it has been such a pleasure! I appreciate you taking the time and giving me the opportunity to share this exciting project with you!

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