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Together, we can make a change.

10% of all proceeds go to support Feeding America
Feeding America is on a mission to end food scarcity in America.

I believe that together, anything is possible.

I first got involved with Feeding America with my podcast, the 3ft Project in the heart of the pandemic in the late Spring of 2020. I was the first podcast to partner with Feeding America, to help raise awareness. Since our collaboration, Feeding America has gone on to develop an entire podcast influencer program, to leverage podcasts to raise awareness and funds.

I am agnostic to the root cause of hunger in America. For me, it is as simple as supporting an organization that has the heart to be dedicated to a cause we can all relate to, being hungry.

10% of any and all money that comes into my strategy, planning and advisory program, goes directly to Feeding America.

Together, we can end food scarcity in America.

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