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Pitch your business for feedback from industry peers.
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Step into Design Tank, your bi-weekly virtual rendezvous where seasoned design industry professionals open the doors to their businesses, inviting audience participation and feedback.

Design Tank serves as your platform to perfect your client presentations, refine your business strategies, delve into pricing dynamics, uncover fresh avenues for growth, and seek invaluable insights from fellow pioneers in the design realm.

Here, innovation thrives as you showcase new inventions, products, or services, all while nurturing a vibrant community of like-minded creatives. It's your exclusive space to immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial journey within the design industry and emerge empowered with knowledge and connections.


Welcome to Design Tank, where inspiration meets collaboration, and possibilities abound.

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Our mission is to:

Foster creativity and business acumen by providing a dynamic space where design industry professionals can refine their craft, explore new opportunities, and forge meaningful connections.

How It Works...

Every other week, we gather virtually via Zoom for Design Talk sessions. During these sessions, 1-2 entrepreneurs from the design industry take the spotlight. Each presenter is allotted 6 minutes to offer an overview of their business and to seek feedback from an audience of design industry peers. The concepts presented can range from the launch of a new business, the introduction of a new product or service, the exploration of a new market segment, the unveiling of a licensable product, to the creation of an innovative course or books—anything that sparks creativity and innovation in the design world. Following each presentation, our audience of fellow designers, architects, and industry enthusiasts, has 20 minutes to provide constructive feedback. With participants given 2-minutes to ask a clarifying question or give feedback. Presenters have the option to share a PowerPoint or Canva Deck, to support their narrative and enhance audience understanding. All presentations and discussions are conducted in confidence. We foster a safe and respectful environment where ideas can flourish, insights can be shared, and connections can be made with confidence.

Who Should Apply To Present?

Design Tank welcomes applications from a diverse range of individuals within the design industry who are eager to share their innovative ideas, products, or services and seek valuable feedback from our supportive community. Ideal presenters include: Entrepreneurs: Individuals who have launched or are in the process of launching a design-related business, whether it's a startup, a small-scale venture, or a larger enterprise. Designers: Creative minds who have developed new products, services, or design concepts and wish to showcase their work and gather insights from peers. Architects: Professionals involved in architectural design who have innovative projects, concepts, or methodologies to share and refine through feedback. Industry Professionals: Individuals working in various sectors of the design industry, including interior design, graphic design, industrial design, and more, who have unique insights, experiences, or projects to present. Innovators: Visionaries who are exploring new avenues within the design field, whether it's through technology, sustainability, social impact, or other emerging trends. Authors and Educators: Writers and educators who have developed courses, books, or other educational resources related to design and wish to engage with a knowledgeable audience for feedback and discussion. Overall, Design Tank seeks presenters who are passionate, forward-thinking, and committed to advancing the design industry through collaboration and innovation. If you have a compelling concept or project and are eager to receive constructive feedback and support from our community, we encourage you to apply to present at Design Tank.

Online Workshop

Who Should Attend?

Design Tank events are designed for a diverse range of individuals within the design industry and beyond. Ideal attendees include... Design Professionals: Including designers, architects, interior decorators, graphic designers, industrial designers, and other creative professionals looking to gain inspiration, insights, and connections within the design community. Entrepreneurs: Those seeking to launch or grow a design-related business, product, or service can benefit from the feedback, networking opportunities, and industry insights available at Design Tank events. Students: Aspiring designers and students studying design-related disciplines can gain valuable knowledge, mentorship, and networking opportunities by attending Design Tank events. Industry Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about design, innovation, and creativity who wish to stay informed about the latest trends, developments, and ideas shaping the design industry. Investors and Venture Capitalists: Professionals interested in investing in design startups, innovative products, or emerging design concepts can discover potential opportunities and connect with promising entrepreneurs at Design Tank events. Overall, Design Tank events welcome anyone with a vested interest in design, creativity, and innovation, creating a diverse and inclusive environment where collaboration and inspiration thrive.

Why I launched Design Tank...

My name is Joseph Haecker, and I wear many hats - serial entrepreneur, former custom lighting designer, design industry podcast host, tech founder, book author, and speaker. My journey led me to envision a space where innovation and collaboration could thrive within the design community. Thus, Design Tank was born. Driven by a passion to revolutionize the exploration of business models and revenue opportunities in design, I set out to create an inclusive platform. Design Tank emerged as an open and collaborative hub, a sanctuary where designers and architects could receive constructive feedback on their products, services, and business strategies. Beyond my entrepreneurial pursuits, I've also founded two chapters of a non-profit initiative called 1 Million Cups. This initiative fosters weekly gatherings in major US cities, offering entrepreneurs a stage to present their concepts and receive invaluable feedback from their peers and community members. Inspired by this model, I envisioned extending the same supportive format to the design industry through Design Tank. At Design Tank, we embrace the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing. While investment isn't the primary focus, entrepreneurs are provided with a platform to practice their pitches, and investors are always welcome to participate. My aspiration is for Design Tank to serve as a catalyst for a new era of collaboration within the design realm. With Design Tank, my sincere hope is that designers, architects, and industry professionals will uncover fresh revenue avenues and glean insights from the diverse array of models presented. Together, let's embark on a journey of innovation, learning, and collective growth within the design community. Welcome to Design Tank, where ideas flourish and collaborations thrive.
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Three Ways to Get Involved:

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Before getting book, we will schedule a brief, 15 minute, discovery call to answer any questions and go over details. Click the button to schedule a date and time that works best for you.

Want to launch a Design Tank Chapter in your city?

Launching a Design Tank Chapter in your city is an exciting opportunity for businesses within the interior design industry. If you have a showroom or business catering to interior designers, and you have space available to host 20-30 people bi-weekly from 8:30-11am, then you're in the perfect position to become a venue host for Design Tank events. Our events typically run from 9-10am, but we extend the hours to allow for valuable networking opportunities before and after the presentations. As a venue host, you'll play a crucial role in facilitating these connections and fostering a vibrant design community in your city. You'll also need the capacity to direct potential presenters to our website to register for presenting opportunities. With your support, we can ensure a diverse range of presentations that inspire and educate our attendees. But here's the best part - you can earn money by hosting Design Tank events! We offer a simple and automated sponsorship process, where businesses can sponsor the event and receive exposure to our audience. Design Tank pays a generous 50% commission for all sponsorship, allowing you to invest in additional amenities such as coffee, snacks, food, and other perks to enhance the event experience and encourage industry participation. To get started, simply fill out the Venue Host form and register to launch a Design Tank chapter in your city. Together, we can create a thriving hub for design innovation and collaboration in your community!

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