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Hey there!
So, you want to know more about me?

Well, I'll give you the ending first, and then circle back to the details.
I will leverage all of my experience, trials, lessons and network, to help you and your business get started, grow or exit.
With that said, let's fill in the details, and share why Jaye is making that face...
My name is Joseph Haecker. And I started out as child wanting to be an animator for Disney. That was the goal. And after 3-years of applying, I moved on to the world of business. It didn't take me long to figure out that the skill sets I had learned as an artist, were the skill sets that would set me apart in the world of business.

To put it very simply, I can see the outcome in my head...And devise a strategy for implementation.

In my humble opinion,
Design is about solving problems.
If you are a graphic designer, you solve marketing and communication.

If you are an industrial designer, you solve product design problems.

If you are an interior designer, you solve spatial, emotional, health, wellness, and human interaction and engagement problems.

If you are a home stager, you solve use of space and the ability to visualize a space.

Design is about solving problems. We just happen to use different tools to achieve our goals.

Chapter 1
Until I got into lighting design, I wouldn't say I had a "career". 

My first office job was for a national utilities billing company, were I would take it upon myself to research forums for research, research methodologies and how to write proposals. Which moved me from the data entry desk to becoming the research department.

I would go on to manage a vending food market research firm, where I designed and managed studies and product development projects for a few years.

It was after a custody battle that I would land my first job as a drafter for Triton Chandelier, in Santa Ana, California. I started out in the CAD department with four other guys, doing 2D CAD drawings (or, as the owner used to call them..."Pretty Pictures"). Three months onto the job, I would make supervisor. Three months later, I would make manager. And at a year and nine months, I would make Operations Director. 

I took our 5 person, 2D CAD department, and turned it into a 21 person, 3D drafting and engineering "wing" (We got our own building next door). There, I would introduce SolidWorks, student programs, and cross-training.

After five years with Triton Chandelier, in December of 2007, I would get head hunted and go on to work for Alger Lighting. With my new position at Alger, I could say that I had a "career" in custom hospitality lighting design. At Alger, I would lead design and development for hundreds of designs, including The Wynn Encore in Las Vegas.

In 2009, I went out on my own forming OC3D Solid Designs, and would consult for 28 other high-end residential, hospitality and commercial lighting companies. Even helping several new lighting companies become established. I would even go on to help several companies establish manufacturing in China and Indonesia.

Chapter 2
My "Ah Ha" Moment...

In hindsight, it might have been smarter to stay in lighting. But, that's not what happened.

While on a family trip to Big Bear, I had my "Ah Ha" moment.
The future of design collaboration, would be a social platform.
And it wasn't a bad idea.

But in 2012, when I launched it under the name "CPAD" (a horrible combination of CAD and Personal Assistant), I didn't know, what I didn't know. And the biggest thing I didn't know, was that in order to launch a tech company, you can't do it as a small business.

I wouldn't discover that there was even a thing called a "tech ecosystem" until late 2013. 

So from 2012 through 2013, I would attempt to launch CPAD by paying developers, marketers, lawyers, copyrighters, commercial lease space and PR companies, for a company that never saw the light of day.

I call it a:
...Very expensive education in what NOT to do.
And by August of 2013, I was broke and moved myself and my two kids into a 1.5 bedroom apartment in Santa Ana, California. So broke, that I couldn't afford to get our furniture out of storage and had to sleep on the floor for the first month.

Chapter 3
Let's call this next chapter, "Riding my bike 130 Miles a week (in my underwear) to earn $12 an hour...

That's a long title, but one that was ultimately true.

In August of 2013, with only $100 left in my bank account, no cars, and all of our belongings stuck in a storage unit in Irvine, I would take my only money and buy a bicycle from target in order to get to my $9 an hour phone sales job with eGumball, in Anaheim (by Angel's Stadium).

It turns out that I'm not a good cold-caller. So, I got fired in under two weeks.

Fortunately, eGumball would call me back and offer me a customer service job at their corporate office in Irvine, at a whopping $12 an hour (I took it!).

So, with my new job a cool 13 miles in each direction, wearing my office clothes on my bike rides got...let's say: "Messy". It turns out that actual bike shorts (with those butt pad things) are very expensive...And I was still poor (albet $3 richer). So, I went to Marshall's and purchased a pack of men's spandex underwear (without the little flappy thing in the front), and double layered my Spandex "Bike Shorts" for my 130 mile a week trek.

I had amazing coworkers. My friend Darlene used to offer to give me rides when the weather was bad. She also used to say to me, 
You will be able to rebuild.
But strangely enough, it was on those bike rides where I could put in earbuds, play my music and think. And it was in those moments where I thought...
Is rebuilding, the goal?
And the answer was, no. 

Life would stay hard for quite a while. But, I did not go back into lighting design.

Instead, I would meet Marci Marycz
 and begin developing what would become Dezignwall, Inc.

I discovered the startup ecosystem in Orange and Irvine. I would discover 1 Million Cups, the Cove, the Eureka Building and Tech Coast Angles.

It was through the startup ecosystem, that I would learn the true ins and outs of conceptualizing, pitching, recruiting and raising funding for a star
tup. And from 2013 to 2017, we founded and launched Dezignwall, Inc. - a social platform for the interior design industry.

Chapter 4
Let's call this next chapter "A Rant That Turned Into a Talk Show"

By late 2016, Dezignwall had a ton of site visitors, and manufacturers had the ability to "batch upload" products. But we were a "Marketplace". And with any marketplace, you need a constant stream of new content for your members to discover. The solution we had settled on was "Dezignwall Event Solutions" - The plan was to become the registration badge at interior design tradeshows.

And even though our inhouse team inclueded:
• The brand strategist from Adobe
• The director of marketing for the Honda Center
• The President of Tech Coast Angels
• The CFO of Oliclip
• The former CTO of Gateway Computers
• UI/UX from Auto Trader
• and Developers from Nortel Systems, Toyota, Google and Amazon

None of us had tradeshow exhibition experience.

So by the end of 2017, we simply ran out of runway.

But strangely enough, in October of 2017, after heading to the west coast for the WestEdge Design Show, after being in High Point, NC for the furniture market and a stop off in DC to pitch Dezignwall in front of a live studio audience...I was watching my interior design friends talking about Sherwin-Williams New "Color of the Year".

I was on a layover in Houston, and was in disbelief that my interior designer friends, who had just been at a "to the trades ONLY" event, seeing [literally] an entire cities worth of products that the rest of the world would not see until the next season...Instead of talking about the products they just saw with their own eyes...They were on social media talking about "The Trends (AKA: Sherwin-Williams "Color of the Year").

So, sitting in my hotel by LAX, I posted an event on Facebook, that at 8am the next day, I would be going LIVE.

I'll pause and say, that when you create an event on Facebook, you have to give it a name (or a title). So, I named my event, "Fuck the Trends".

Now mind you...I had never gone LIVE on Facebook prior to this.

So, at 8am I tied my smartphone to my luggage handle and hit the "Go LIVE" button, and proceeded to "rant" for awhile. That's about the time that Raad Ghantous requested to "join" my live video. Raad popped on and said right away, "I don't necessarily agree, but I like that we're having the conversation".

That day, seven other people joined the LIVE stream with me, and in the top left hand corner of the screen, 2.2K people were watching us LIVE on Facebook.

That show would go on to be called, "Design Talk LIVE", with my cohost, HGTV's, the "Queen of Bling" - Donna Moss.

And by the end of 2018, our weekly Facebook LIVE talk show would be viewed by over 3.2 Million people.

Let's call this a "side street"...
At the very beginning, I said I would circle back and tell you why Jaye was making that face...

So, Jaye is "Jaye Mize", the VP of Creative for a company called Fashion Snoops. Basically her job is to analyze and predict "trends". 🤭

And here I was with not only a shirt, or a wrist band, but a tattoo with the words permanently etched in my skin that says, "Fuck the Trends".

She's a good sport. And to be clear...It's not that I don't like "trends" (I did the pink for Barbie the Movie too). The point I am making is that as creatives, we should be leading the trends, not following them.

Chapter 5
Let's call this next chapter, "Fast Forward"

By the end of 2018, I moved into producing shows.

In December of 2018 we launched "A student's perspective", in partnership with Stephen Garrison of Marywood University. This was a student hosted talk show, with the concept of, "Design and architecture students, from universities throughout the country, interviewing: Designers, Manufacturers and influencers...from a Student's Perspective".

In January we would launch "Design Hot Seat" with Jennifer Farrell. And then "Let's Talk Breast Health" with Talia Maddock. And "LIVE with Angie Everhart. "Unapologetic" with Camille Kauer. And several others that we piloted in 2019.

I had grown from a rant on Facebook, into what became, "The Live Broadcast Network" - Leveraging social media as a distribution network, selling ads and breaking all the rules of network programming.

Ultimately, I would employ six full-time employees, selling advertising on shows that we streamed on Facebook. What I would come to learn was that companies LOVED what we were doing...but would include us in their budget for "next year..."

There are a few other details in there, but let's just say that I was spending more money than I was making to try and keep all of the shows running.

So that by the Summer of 2019, I returned back to tech, and started working on two platforms: Scan Unlock and Join inCrowd.

Like I said...This chapter is called, "Fast Forward"

Let's skip the details of a horrible partnership and lawyers (Thank you were a life saver!)

Chapter 6
Let's call this chapter, "Covid"

2020 was an interesting time for what would turn into some big concepts and projects.

When Covid first broke out, I immediately saw the damage that would be done to the supply chain. Friends were calling me saying,
Did you hear "_____" show got canceled? I think I'm still going to _____ show.........Nope. That one got canceled too. 
So, in an effort to help businesses stay open and showcase their products, I launched "In-Home Shopping, streamed LIVE on Facebook" - this was basically QVC, but streamed live on Facebook.

The numbers for the first set of companies were awesome. The second series we ran was in partnership with Chip Wade. The numbers on that series were astronomical!

Then...all ad budgets froze.

Globally, we were buckling down for the unknown.

It was about that time that Michelle Swayze of Informa Markets called and asked,
Are you producing QVC-Style programming on Facebook? And, can you do that for us?
And with that, we launched our "White Labeled News Coverage for Tradeshows and Events".

I produced a few virtual events. And in October of 2020, in response to the estimated low attendance for Fall High Point Market, I flew four designers and news reporters out to High Point to provide "in-showroom" news coverage.

Michelle called again and said,
Are you sending news reporters to trade shows?
Yup! And that turned into what is now, "TISEtv".

Michelle is now the "Executive Producer" of TISEtv.

We've also tested other models, such as "TISEtalks" - the podcast, and "TISEstudio" - a studio set on the tradeshow floor.

Chapter 7
Let's call this next chapter, "A Flood of Tech"

In November of 2020, I moved to Denver Colorado. And in February of 2021, Join inCrowd, our Digital Business Card platform went live, just in time as the world re-opened in the Summer of 2021.

I would take a film crew back out to Vegas for Market in April. And we produced our first TISEtv Virtual Event in June of 2021.
 And continued to produce virtual events for other trade associations and conferences.

So, between events, I booted up a new podcast called, "The Join inCrowd Business Podcast". And began white labelling podcasts for other companies as well.

During 2021 alone, I registered 16 new companies, began mentoring startups and consulting for a real estate company.

During 2022, I launched another 8 new companies, and established a chapter of Tech Alley - a non-profit founded by Joshua Leavitt.

In 2022, I took on the role of COO for IAHSP. 

And in 2023, after returning from the IAHSP Conference and Expo, stepped down from that role to launch Joseph Haecker, Inc.

By April of 2023, I had discovered ChatGPT. My first stab at AI generated content was actually a few children's books. I was using ChatGPT to take adult business subjects and translate them into books a kid could understand. But by May of 2023, my thought process had evolved. I discovered that it was actually easier to publish Kindle and paperback books on Amazon. 

I immediately published 5 books on Amazon, using ChatGPT. And just as fast, I updated my media kit to start reaching out to podcast hosts, to start telling audiences that I had just published five books on Amazon, using ChatGPT. 

Then in June, I began hosting workshops around the various books I had published. 

As of October of 2023, I have now published 22 books on Amazon. I now have 19 Audio Courses published. I have 92 Blogs, and 48 Audio Blogs published.

I call it a "Marketing Vortex".

As of today, I have 28 tech companies, two non-profits and 8 small businesses. I have a dozen tech startups on the shelf and I am working on a new coffee concept.

Chapter 8
Let's call this final chapter, "Why the Hell Does this Matter to Me?"

I know. I know. I know...

This was a very long story. And you've got to be wondering, why does this matter to you.

The truth is, I have failed at more things than I have succeeded at. And I have earned more money and tested out more business models than I ever had in the first 35 years of my life.

The past 10 years of my life have been a whirlwind of experimentation, adaptations and major business victories.

I am NOT a coach. 

And the reason I say that is simple.

You are an adult. You don't need a "coach".

What you may need though, and every business owner needs this...

You need people in your life that have lived the experiences that you have not.

My first tech business (CPAD) failed, because:
I didn't know, what I didn't know.
For me its as easy as this:
- No one can be expected to know everything
- And it is much better to surround yourself with people who have experience that you don't have

What I can offer you, is all of me.

And I think it's so important, that I offer a ton of info for FREE and Cheap!

Not because the information is weak, or less quality. But because no one should have to go through what I've gone through, when I can just share it with you.

Now, my time is valuable. And I would never ask you to give away your talent, time or energy for FREE. And so, for me, the dividing line between FREE, affordable and High Value, is simple.

Anything that can be accessed on-demand, I can offer for FREE or cheap.

Anything that requires my time, in-person or in a group, is at a substantial cost. 

Anything that requires my one-on-one, undivided attention, is billed at a premium.

And just like I would advise you, that premium rate is based on "Me" and the totality of my experience.

So to circle back to the very first thing I said,
I will leverage all of my experience, trials, lessons and network, to help you and your business get started, grow or exit.
Beyond the FREE and Cheap "stuff" I offer you, there is "me". And I am willing to share "me" with you, for a premium, so that you never have to fail or struggle to learn the way that I have.

And, you may just get to work with some of my very talented and amazing network of friends and business mavericks.

I truly am excited to work with you. Together, we can build the dream you envisioned for yourself, your family, your team and your business.

Please feel free to book some one-on-one time with me.


Joseph Haecker
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