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Four Seasons of Parkland
Published on:
April 6, 2024 at 8:21:54 PM
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House Styling & Staging
Staging Homes Vacant & Owner Occupied
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South East Florida Region
Jill Gold

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Last minute for an Open House Home Staging in Parkland
Published on:
April 6, 2024 at 8:21:54 PM
Thank you for joining us today. Before we dive into your latest project, can you share a little bit about yourself and your company?
I have always had a strong desire to make every space beautiful. From the creation of HGTV I knew Staging was a perfect fit for me. Thus 2015 I founded my company
So, let's dive into your latest project. Can you share a little bit about the client and the context of the project?
I received a call from a Top Producing Realtor in Parkland that his listing was Vacant. It had price reductions and still was not selling. The selling season in Florida was coming to the end so staging was a good potential option.
So, each project has its, let's call it its "challenge". What aspect of this design was a challenge from the onset?
In Florida buyers want complete remodels. Although this is still a relatively new home buyers did not really like the brown wood cabinets in the kitchen. Also they could not imagine a the layout of furniture in the open concept living spaces.
Before Images
Now that we know the challenge. What was your vision for the project?
We needed to show the buyers a good use of space for the furniture layout. We also had to make the brown kitchen look more appealing to buyers.
An aspect most people overlook is the team of specialist it takes to make this vision a reality. Can you share a little bit about your team and vendors?
We have a great team that worked quickly on this project on a tight schedule to get the home staged in 1 day in time for weekend showings.
Now, we all have some key features of a project that we are especially proud of. What were some aspects of this project that you were excited about?
The open concept rooms really came to life after it was staged. They look bigger and create the idyllic lifestyle buyers love
Now, not every project goes as planned. What design hurdle did you and your team encounter,? And how'd you overcome it?
We had a DeStaging in the morning and only had hours to plan and complete the staging install.
After Images
Now, not every project goes as planned. What design hurdle did you and your team encounter,? And how'd you overcome it?
We were able to choose the perfect look for the home from our vast in stock Inventory.
Well, is has been amazing sitting with you to learn more about you and this project. If our readers wanted to work with you, how would they learn more?
I would love to be contacted at 954.800.1361 by phone or text. My email is
Thank you. Jill Gold
It has been such an honor to sit with you today. I look forward to sharing more of your projects with our readers.
Thank you so much for the meeting I look forward to sharing more of our exciting projects and success stories.

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