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Marcus Merritt

Marcus Merritt

Public Speaker- Entrepreneur- TV Personality

Marcus is captivating, funny and knowledgeable speaker who can touch base on a number of topics


Marcus Merritt

Marcus Merritt is a real estate investor and social media marketing consultant based in the metro Atlanta area. Over the last 5 years he has completed over 35 renovation and new construction projects on single family homes. He also owns a social media marketing company 3M Marketing and Acquisitions with over 25 clients specializing in branding, lead generation, content creation and social media management. Marcus loves to coach new business owners and investors on how best to position themselves in the real estate market based on his experience. He also recently started a new business venture, The Gifting Company which specializes in custom gift baskets. In April of 2023, Marcus was casted as a reoccurring cast member on the TLC hit television show, You, Me and My EX.

Speaking Topics

Why use social media to grow your business?

Many seasoned business owners did not shift properly post COVID to using online platforms to help grow their business. I like to talk to business owners about the best way to do this, what platforms work best for their type of business, and what you of content they should be producing to get this result.

Why is real estate a good investment tool?

Is all press good press?

Being casted on a reality tv might be everyone’s dream but as a professional business owner I was worried what effect this would have on my business and how professional I would look to my clients. But will I be able to take this press and turn it into dollars? Also what is filming a reality tv show like, is it real, fake? I can answer it all.

Rates and Fees

Marcus is captivating, funny and knowledgeable speaker who can touch base on a number of topics

For Profit/Corporate events


Doesn’t not include travel or hotels



Must be under one hour. If over it will be $125/30mins

Non profit corporate events


Virtual Events


Must be under one hour. Anything over will be $125/30mins

For booking flights and hotels:

Marcus Merritt


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