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Unveiling Artistry: Joseph Haecker Teams Up with Allison Eden for Unprecedented Custom Mosaic Designs
Joseph Haecker
Multi-Line Rep
Joseph Haecker, Inc.
Published on:
November 3, 2023 at 11:10:45 PM
Exciting News! I'm thrilled to announce my partnership with the remarkable Allison Eden, a true visionary in the world of custom glass, wallpaper, and the ALL NEW Stone Mosaics for hospitality, commercial, and residential applications. Allison Eden herself endorses this collaboration, and together, we're poised to bring a touch of elegance, individuality, and innovation to your design projects. I've had the pleasure of knowing Allison for years, and I've always referred to her as "the Lady Gaga of Tile" because of her unique and groundbreaking approach to design. Designers and specifiers, you now have direct access to this extraordinary creative talent. Contact me for project inquiries, catalogs, and samples, and let's infuse your spaces with Allison Eden's captivating artistry. I'm genuinely excited to work with my longtime friend and artist, Allison Eden, and I invite you to reach out for current and future projects that deserve a touch of the extraordinary. Let's create something unforgettable together. Don't wait to bring a touch of Allison Eden's magic to your projects. Visit the Allison Eden page now to set up a call or request a catalog and unlock a world of creative possibilities.
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