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Maya Weinreb
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Solvency Now’s founder, Maya, was born in Tel Aviv, Israel (which means she’s Jewish and you know how they say all Jews are good with money). She went to primary school in a little town south of London called East Grinstead. She then moved to Florida when she was 10 and at the age of 11 she told her teacher she would never need math (Ha!) Her teacher disagreed and look at her now. She even knows algebra! Maya thinks bookkeeping is relaxing (do you agree or do you think she’s crazy?) and challenging. She believes every late night meeting should include popcorn. She enjoys puppies, motorcycle rides and long walks on the beach. Her favorite meal is brunch, and nobody does brunch better than the restaurants in Tel Aviv. The way to her heart is Italian hot chocolate! She’ll never get over her favorite cup of hot chocolate from a cafe in Milan. Her favorite authors include Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card and Jude Devereaux. If you know… you know.

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We Offer Expert Bookkeeping Services
Our goal is to assist you in managing your finances effectively and expanding your business. We prioritize delivering precise and comprehensive financial records that offer you peace of mind.

We specialize in helping companies with complex bookkeeping tasks such as reconciliations and backlogs of unfiled taxes from previous years. Our seasoned bookkeepers are accessible to answer any queries about financials and payroll and guarantee a response time of within 24 hours.
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