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Simplify your Quoting process for greater profitability!
Your Custom & Branded Home Staging Calculator
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Consistent Staging Rates EVERY time!

Let's face it, a half bath will always have basically the same number of items. A kitchen, depending on size will require a fixed amount of inventory. And a 10 X 10 bedroom will always have a box spring, mattress, headboard, two end tables, etc.

So, why are we reinventing the wheel each time we quote?


Introducing the Home Staging Calculator!

Simply give each room a value (Small hallway bath = $85, Medium = $105, etc.)

Then, when your Consultation Reps do their walk thru, all they need to do is verify that the living room is a Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large space.

Maybe the client really wants to emphasis the main features of the house and go the "extra mile"... No worries! Simply add a "VIP" up-charge to the room!

Now that $550 Primary Bedroom is valued at $650!

The Home Staging Calculator means that your quotes are fast and consistent!


No need to guess on pricing, or lose money by under quoting your projects. Simply punch in the numbers and generate your quotes right from the field!


Your Rates, Based on Your Market!

There are not too many home staging calculators out there. One of the biggest differences is that the other Home Staging Calculators attempt to normalize pricing across all markets.


But we all know that a 2.5 bath in New York is NOT the same price as a 2.5 in Ohio. With my Home Staging Calculator, you set your own rates and taxes, based on your local market.

This way your quotes accurately reflect your companies inventory and local market pricing, and your team can easily quote to your fullest potential.

Do you offer Vacant, Occupied or Both?

With my Home Staging Calculator, there is no need to choose. Your custom Home Staging Calculator easily adjusts to any service condition.

Lets say the that in a 3 bed, 2.5 bath you are fully staging one room, but partially staging the other two. No worries! Simply select "1" as "Vacant" and "2" for "Occupied", your calculator will total the combination and provide a quote.

What if the rate is too high, or too low?

So, the numbers look a little too high or low... No worries, your field reps can easily "adjust" the staging rate to a number that "feels" a bit better.


Simply add +/- a percentage (-10% or +15%) and the new amount is added to your quote form, no questions asked.


This lets your team set a price that is custom for the location.


No need to get locked into a lower price than the market will bare.

How it works...
Step 1

Complete the form and payment. You will receive and email with a downloadable Rates Template. Completely fill out the rates and company information. When complete, email me your Rates Template.

Custom Home Staging Calculator After you email me your completed Rates Template, I will use that information to build you your custom, branded, Home Staging Calculator. This will reflect your company information and your custom rates.

Step 2
Step 3
Email Icon.png

Your Home Staging Calculator, Emailed I will then email you your custom Home Staging Calculator, and call to confirm you received it. If you have any questions or need any info updated, I am here to help out! It's that simple!

Limited Time, Special Offer!

I am in the process of converting this Excel Worksheet, into a subscription based, membership platform. Meaning that you can create a customizable online version of the Home Staging Calculator for you and your team, with instant updates, better quoting and invoicing functionality, with direct links to your payment systems, all for a monthly service charge!

If you purchase the Excel version today, you will be the first to get notice of our web platform, and receive special discounts and pricing when we go live with the web version of the platform!

Payment Form

Home Staging Calculator

Never guess at pricing again!

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Next steps...

1. You will receive an email

2. Download the Rates Template

3. When complete, email it to me

4. I will create your Custom Home Staging Calculator and email it to you.

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