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Want to make money?

And support local business?

Did you know...

👎 Less than 1% of business will ever get featured in their local or industry press

👎 The average cost to be featured in a magazine is $1200

👎 PR Firms charge $3-25K a month to get businesses press coverage

👎 Businesses that are featured, increase sales volumes by 2-26% within 30-Days

👎 96% of print magazines discourage (or ban) QR Codes

👎 Since 2017, print media is down by 47%

Why does this matter?

👍 You could help more local business get the press they need

👍 Cost to be featured in Ignite is between $1-14.99

👍 Businesses can self-publish directly to Ignite, 24/7

🏆 Businesses that are featured, get more business by sharing their stories, updates and announcements, faster

🏆 Digital Media is "Shareable"

So, what is Ignite?

Ignite is a user-generated, self-publishing, digital magazine, platform.

What does that mean? It means that we take the hassle and politics out of letting businesses get published.

Much like Facebook lets you publish posts...

Ignite lets you publish articles to help your business grow.

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But, can't people just post on social media?

Brands use social media to advertise.

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On Ignite, they answer questions in a conversational interview, to share the story of their business and what makes them unique.

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How does Ignite make money?

We make money in a few simple ways:

1. Article Fees ($1-14.99)

2. Digital Ads ($1100-73000)

3. Video Features ($1200-5300)

Got Questions?

Is Ignite available in print?

No, Ignite is exclusively a digital magazine. We've found that digital formats reach a broader audience and are more easily shareable. While print magazines have their allure, they lack the accessibility and interactive features that digital platforms offer. Our digital format allows readers to seamlessly navigate content and access additional resources with just a click. We prioritize a responsive and automated user experience to enhance reader engagement.

When are articles published?

All articles are published instantly. After an individual fills out the questionnaire, uploads their photos, refers three people, and completes the payment process, their article is immediately published to the Ignite platform. They will be promptly redirected to their newly published article to begin sharing it. Additionally, they will receive an email confirming that their article has been published on Ignite, along with instructions on how to share it on social media, via email marketing, and on their website. Articles become immediately searchable on both the website and search engines.

Does Ignite proof or edit articles?

No, Ignite does not proofread or edit articles. All articles are self-published, and users are solely responsible for the content they submit. Ignite does not offer editing, reviews, or proofreading services for submitted content. If any content violates the terms of use or privacy policies of the website, Ignite reserves the right to remove the article without refund. Users bear complete responsibility for the quality of the content and photos they submit.

Can people submit multiple articles?

Certainly! Yes, people can submit multiple articles. Our article questionnaires are designed to accommodate various interview topics. For instance, in our food section, the initial questions offer a generic introduction to the company. The subsequent set revolves around making announcements, followed by questions about upcoming events, and finally, the addition of a new location. This flexibility allows contributors to craft multiple articles using the same form.

Am I really an Editor-in-chief?

Absolutely! You hold the role of editor-in-chief just like any other magazine manager does. Consider this: an editor-in-chief oversees the operations of a magazine, and you're doing just that for this digital publication. It's akin to questioning whether the owner of an ecommerce store is truly a store owner simply because there's no physical storefront. Managing a virtual store comes with its own set of challenges, often more demanding than a traditional brick-and-mortar setup. In today's evolving media landscape, with print declining and digital platforms flourishing, you represent the new breed of digital editor-in-chief. Embrace your role and the opportunities it brings!

Will I get to see the user information?

Absolutely! Each magazine is configured as its own website, equipped with its own CRM and email marketing program. As an admin of the platform, you'll have full access to view all financials, contact information, and analytics. You'll have complete control over your digital magazine and territory. Having access to this data ensures that you stay motivated by sales, engagement, and growth. Moreover, we prioritize financial transparency, so you'll witness all transactions in real time as they occur.

Am I the "owner" of my magazine?

No, you are not the owner of the magazine. Instead, you operate as a 1099 independent contractor, earning a 50% starting commission on all sales generated within your territory. You are contracted to have exclusivity in your respective territory for one year unless terminated by either party. Territory revocation may occur based on various factors to maintain company integrity. Commissions may be subject to change without prior notice. Our aim is to provide financial incentives to drive sales and market growth. However, you are not considered an owner or employee of Ignite Business Insider, its affiliates, partners, or parent companies.

How am I paid?

As a 1099 contractor, you'll receive monthly payments on a regular schedule. Your commissions are calculated based on the previous 30 days' sales. No taxes or withholdings are deducted, so you're fully responsible for submitting any tax information to local, state, or federal authorities. If you choose to employ subcontractors or leverage additional help, it's at your discretion. Payments are made electronically each month.

What happens if I leave? 

If you choose to discontinue running a local Ignite Magazine, you would simply inform Ignite of your decision to terminate your contract. The parent company will promptly assume control of operations, remove you as an administrator from the account, and seek a replacement. Any recurring commissions generated thereafter will be redirected to the parent company. Commissions accrued prior to termination will be paid out within 30 days.

How do I get new customers?

We've got you covered with our simple text invite! We provide you with a copy & paste text template to send to people on social media, inviting them to be featured. Spend just 30-60 minutes a day browsing social media for local businesses, then paste the invite into their comments. They click the link to learn about being featured in Ignite. Do this daily to build a pipeline of new businesses for your local Ignite magazine. Sit back while Ignite's automations kick in and do the work for you!

What are video features?

Video Features are an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings! It's a service offered by Ignite to assist local businesses in creating compelling video content. Once a business has been featured a few times in Ignite, our automated system begins promoting Video Features, inviting businesses to "Get featured in our Video Features Section." If a business decides to participate, they simply click on the video features invite, complete an online form, make payment, and schedule a filming date and time. Upon receiving a booking, you'll immediately receive a calendar notification. On the scheduled date and time, all you need to do is set up your tripod, cell phone camera, and microphone, and hit record. We provide you with a simple script for the business to follow. Once recording is complete, upload the video file to our company WeTransfer folder, and our editing team will handle the rest! This straightforward process enables you to earn $600-2650 in just 10-20 minutes. With four or more video bookings per week, we can explore opportunities to increase your commissions!

What equipment will I need?

To get started, all you need is a smartphone and internet access. For the initial phase, spending about 30-60 minutes daily inviting local businesses to be featured requires just these two essentials. As businesses progress to utilizing video features, you'll need a tripod, smartphone, and Bluetooth microphone. We'll provide you with a list of recommended equipment. Since sound quality is paramount, we require you to purchase our approved equipment through our Amazon Affiliate links. The cost of equipment is minimal, and you'll recoup it with your very first video booking.

Now, The Good Stuff

What's in it for YOU?

🧐 You are the Editor-in-chief of your own local magazine

💰 You earn 50% of ALL Revenue

🕔 You spend 30-60 minutes a day inviting people to be featured

📆 You set your own schedule

🚧 You are paid as a 1099 contractor, monthly

How It Works

Step 1 - Apply for a territory

Step 2 - Schedule a call to talk details

Step 3 - Digitally sign and pay the annual contract fee ($650 for the year)

Step 4 - We create your city's Digital Magazine

Step 5 - You begin inviting people to get featured for an introductory offer of ONLY $1 for the first month.

After that, you just get paid and show up for video bookings!

Launch a Local Digital Magazine 

For ONLY: $650

annual territory fee

Lets Ignite Your City, together!

Ready to launch? Click Here

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