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How hard is it to wake up and hit the phones?


Join our Monthly Half Day Prospecting Workroom!


We join in on a half day Zoom Call to collectively make prospecting calls as a group.


We start our morning at 10am EST/7am PST on Monday morning. We take 10-minutes to say hello and give everyone  a minute to get set up.


At 10:10am we being making our personal prospecting calls. You are free to mute or turn down the sound. All calls are streamed with audio on so you can hear others prospecting, what's working and what's not.


Half day prospecting workrooms are 2.5 hours long (End time 12:30pm/9:30am PST).


We will take 20-Minutes to debrief and review our prospecting results before breaking for the month.



Having a group to be accountable to and for, with a set time and date, and being able to hear what works and doesn't, is a great forum for sharpening your skills and growing personally and professionally.


Joining the group will help anchor your business and help you take control of your sales and revenues.

Monthly Half Day Prospecting Workrooms

  • $650/mth recurring fee

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