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Media Kit Form
Let's start getting you more press and bookings with an easy to share media kit. Use your media kit to send to podcasts, print and video press to share your speaking topics, headshots, logos, bios and more. With your own media kit, you will make it easy to book you for more upcoming speaking opportunities.
Step 1 - Contact Information
Step 2 - Bio & Main Images
16:9 (PNG or JPEG)
1:1 (PNG or JPEG)
Step 3 - Speaking Topics & Summaries
Step 4 - Rates & Fees
Step 5 - Travel Information
Step 6 - Downloadable Media
Step 7 - Booking Link
This is the final step in creating your Media Kit. To create your booking link, we highly recommend that you use a 3rd party platform such as Calendly. Simply create a Booking Event, with any details that you feel are important, then copy and paste that URL here. Calendly offers a free version. If you would prefer to use your email as the preferred method for booking, simply type or paste your email address in the field below. This is the last and one of the most important steps in creating your Media Kit.
Next Steps...
After selecting the Create My Media Kit button, you will be redirected to your media kit. Simply go to your web search bar (at the top of the page), copy the URL and begin sharing your media kit with potential podcasts, media outlets and press!

Let's create your Media Kit
Please note...
After click the button, it may take several seconds to load the images to your New Media Kit.

You will be redirected when the images fully load.
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