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How To Implement AI in Your Business

This is an interactive workshop on how to start using ChatGPT and AI in your Interior Design or Real Estate business, today!

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How To Implement AI in Your Business
How To Implement AI in Your Business

Orario & Sede

16 mag 2023, 18:30 – 20:30



Info sull'evento

Are you using AI in your business?

In the past two weeks, I have leveraged ChatGPT to craft 3 Children's books, 5 business books on Kindle and 4 Business Books available in paperback. I have used ChatGPT to write 30 Blogs and Audio Blogs, a Leadership Assessment Quiz, Interior Design and Real Estate Vendor Referral Agreements, and a whole host of other programs that normally would take a years to accomplish...I did it in 3 weeks.

You could too!

In this workshop, we will get a sense of your unique business needs and goals. Then I will craft a plan for how you can implement ChatGPT and AI in your own business!

This is a great way to either save money...Or, add an additional revenue stream to your existing business!


This workshop is limited to the first 10 people. 

In this workshop, I will work with each guest to craft a strategy to implement AI and ChatGPT in your business. 


1. 2-Minute Introductions (6:30-6:40pm)

2. Overview of ChatGPT and how I have used it to generate revenue (6:40-6:50pm)

3. 2-Minute Individual Goals and Expectations (very much like a mastermind) (6:50-7:00pm)

4. I will craft a strategy on how each person can begin implementing AI and ChatGPT, based on their goals (7:00-8:15pm)

5. General Q&A (8:15-8:30pm)

After this workshop, I would highly encourage all participants to join my Weekly Mindset Calls and my Monthly Mastermind Group.  Both will help build accountability and make sure that you have the support you need to implement your new AI strategy.

I also have blogs and books available for you to dive deeper.


This is a great event for:

• Business Owners

• General Managers

• Operations Directors

• Management

• Anyone interested in ChatGPT and AI

If you are curious about ChatGPT or AI and want to learn how you can implement it in your own business, this is the perfect workshop to register for. You will leave with a clear understanding on how YOU can implement ChatGPT and AI in your own business.

See you on May 16th!

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