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Join Us as We Hit the Road to Bring the Design Community Together Design Talk LIVE is back, and Season 2 was a smash hit! We're not just another podcast—we're a movement within the design community. Now, for Season 3, we're taking our show on the road, hosting in-person podcasts at showrooms, events, and trade shows across the country and around the world. Why Sponsor Design Talk LIVE? The value of podcasting isn’t in downloads or mentions. The true value lies in our ability to host design rock stars and drive clients and customers into your showrooms, events, and trade show booths through in-person, LIVE studio audience podcast recording events. Season 3: Taking the Show on the Road By becoming a sponsor, you gain unparalleled access to our audience and the chance to host engaging, live events that create lasting connections. Here's why you should partner with us: Engage Directly with the Design Community: Host in-person podcast events at your showroom, trade show booth, or event and attract a dedicated and engaged audience. Leverage Our Reach: Design Talk LIVE has been viewed by over 3.2 million viewers and has hosted the "Unofficial HGTV Reunion," breaking records and going viral. Unmatched Sponsorship Benefits: Our three-tier sponsorship packages offer unique benefits that go beyond traditional podcast advertising. Design Talk LIVE knows and understands the design community because we are the design community's own voice. Leverage this unique opportunity to connect with your target audience in a meaningful and impactful way by partnering with us for Season 3! Ready to become a sponsor? [Click here to learn more and get started!] Let’s Make Season 3 Unforgettable Partner with Design Talk LIVE and be part of the journey as we continue to inspire, connect, and celebrate the design community. Join us in bringing the power of live, in-person podcast events to life!

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Bring the Vibrancy of Live Podcasting to Your Next Event with Design Talk LIVE! Elevate the atmosphere of your trade shows, industry events, or corporate gatherings by adding a touch of live and in-person podcasting. Design Talk LIVE offers a unique opportunity to create engaging and captivating content right from the heart of your event. Whether you wish to showcase the wisdom of your leadership, amplify the experiences of your esteemed clients, or seek a curated lineup of influential guests, we've got you covered. We specialize in crafting insightful, industry-specific conversations that resonate with your audience. Let Design Talk LIVE be the spotlight of your event, creating content that resonates and empowers your brand. Book us for your next event, and together, let's craft an immersive podcasting experience that leaves a lasting impact. Ready to explore the potential? Schedule a call and let's bring Design Talk LIVE to your next event.

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