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Empowering Homes Through Stellhous Staging
Published on:
Sunday, October 29, 2023
Estela Leyva
Owner & Operator
Stellhous Staging
In the realm of home staging and design, one name that stands out for her passion, dedication, and transformative approach is Estela Leyva, the proud Owner & Operator of Stellhous Staging. Her journey is a testament to unwavering determination, creative inspiration, and a commitment to making homes come alive. A Bold Leap: From Government Career to Entrepreneurship Estela's story is one of audacious decision-making. Leaving behind a secure and rewarding career in the government after dedicating over two decades was no easy feat. However, her burning desire to delve into the world of home staging fueled her transition. In December 2021, she took the courageous step of embracing her dream, launching Stellhous Staging. From Inspiration to Reality: The Birth of Stellhous The origins of the name "Stellhous" itself reflect Estela's personal journey. Inspired by her late uncle's endearing nickname for her, "Stell house," she extracted the essence of that name to create her business identity. It symbolizes both a personal connection and the lighthearted spirit that she brings into the realm of home staging. A Creative Soul: Early Dreams and Lasting Influences Estela's childhood dreams of becoming an artist laid the groundwork for her creative flair and vision. While the path didn’t initially lead to art, her parents' professions—a sales representative for Home Interiors and a passionate vehicle restoration enthusiast—shaped her direction towards interiors and design. These influences gradually culminated in her pursuit of creating inviting spaces through Stellhous Staging. The Driving Force Behind Stellhous: A Passion for Transformation The heartbeat of Stellhous resonates with Estela's ardent passion for transformation. She believes in the power of making spaces come alive and recognizes the emotional value attached to homes. For Estela, it's not just about staging; it's about empowering people during major life transitions, such as selling their homes due to various circumstances. Client-Centric Services: A Unique Approach to Home Staging Stellhous Staging stands out for its comprehensive services. Beyond the conventional staging of vacant and occupied homes, Estela and her team offer pre-staging services for occupied homes. This thoughtful approach assists overwhelmed home sellers in preparing their spaces for the market, considering the emotional challenges that often accompany such transitions. Customer-Centric Philosophy: Building Trust and Value Estela's approach towards her clients is centered on building trust and delivering exceptional value. Through proactive prospecting and active engagement on social media, Stellhous attracts clients who appreciate the consistency and clarity in the onboarding process. The goal is not just to stage homes but to offer a holistic experience where clients feel supported and valued throughout the journey. Future Aspirations: A Boutique Company with Grand Visions Despite being recognized as a "boutique" staging company, Estela has ambitious plans for the future of Stellhous. This forward-thinking mindset hints at the brand's growth and expansion, promising innovative services and a broader impact in the home staging industry. Get to Know Stellhous: Where Dreams Meet Reality For those seeking a touch of Estela Leyva's transformative magic in their homes, Stellhous Staging is just a click away. By visiting their website or following them on Instagram, clients can experience the essence of Estela's passion and commitment to creating spaces that tell unique stories. Estela Leyva's journey from a stable government career to becoming the force behind Stellhous Staging is a narrative of passion, courage, and a relentless pursuit of dreams. Her commitment to empowering clients and her unwavering dedication to the art of home staging truly sets Stellhous apart in the industry. With a vision for the future and a heart devoted to transformation, Estela Leyva continues to make waves in the world of home design and staging.
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