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The Future of AI in Interior Design & Real Estate

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Joe, thank you for creating this group.

I think that using ChatGPT in the way that you have used it to create ChatGPT written (and you guided) content is brilliant.

We live in the fast changing world where old concepts are being challenged by technology.

You like to ask the question of...what is education? or what is an association? those two have lost their conventional meaning with the advance of tech.

How is publishing books or being a writer different?

We are all living our lives at the tips of the tech evolution/revolution and we need to adopt to stay relevant.

I applaud and admire you for applying your immense talent for creativity and cross-pollination of ideas to find a way to challenge the way writers should look at who they are.

Having existential moments sucks and no one likes to change, hence the negative comments from those who are afraid of change.

For others, generative AI is creating and has created new ways of redefining themselves and challenging the status quo. And, they are thrilled.

Either way, as someone whose life has been turned up-side-down multiple times, I always try to find a way to keep my chin up and make lemonade when life serves me lemons, and wish to others that they do the same.

My two cents and my two cents only....


This is a group specifically for sharing best practices, win...
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