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Do You Know Your Leadership Style?
You might be hiring the wrong people for your particular style...

You choose the topic. I ask the stupid questions.

Let's dispel the myths in and around the startup ecosystem
Remote and in-person (Denver Metro Area)

Startup Ecosystems "No Stupid Questions" is a fun way of highlighting important topics within any startup ecosystem, while I act as proxy for the listeners to ask all of the "stupid" questions that our listeners might want to know.

Simply let me know what topic you want to discus and we will dive right in.

Why this is important?

Any startup ecosystem should be accessible to new and emerging startup founders. Making it accessible means new concepts and ideas are entered into the pipeline for future deal flow. 

"No Stupid Questions" helps make the ecosystem accessible.

What To Expect

• Simply pick a Date and Time
• Choose a location (Wood Boss or Colorado Campfire)

• If meeting in-person - We will order a drink then mic up

• The questions are easy:
1. A quick sound bite on the subject we will be covering
2. In your words, what is a "startup ecosystem"?
3. Can you share a little bit about you and your company?

4. How'd you get started?
5. Then we dive into the topic...I ask all the stupid questions

• We'll wrap up with how people can learn more about you and your company


Thanks for subscribing!

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