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Inside the Design Tank
Published on:
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Joseph Haecker
Design Tank Founder
Design Tank
Inside the Design Tank: An Interview with Joseph Haecker, Founder of Design Tank By Ignite Business Insider In the bustling world of design, finding the right platform to innovate, connect, and collaborate can be a challenge. Joseph Haecker, founder of Design Tank, has created a space that does just that. We sat down with Joseph to discuss why Design Tank is vital for the design community and why designers, manufacturers, and industry professionals should get involved. Ignite Business Insider: Joseph, thank you for joining us. Can you share why Design Tank is so important to the design community? Joseph Haecker: Thank you for having me. Design Tank is a platform built on the principles of collaboration and innovation. In the design world, many professionals are creative and skilled, but they often lack a space to test new ideas, seek feedback, and connect with peers. Design Tank fills this gap by providing a bi-weekly event where designers can present their ideas, gain valuable insights, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. Ignite Business Insider: How did Design Tank get started? Joseph Haecker: Design Tank is modeled after 1 Million Cups, a well-established tech/startup event that takes place in major cities throughout the United States. I’ve made several attempts to launch events that foster innovation within the design community, and Design Tank is the culmination of those efforts. As a former high-end custom lighting designer, serial tech startup founder, design industry podcast host, and editor-in-chief, I have always been passionate about building community and creating opportunities for engagement and innovation. Ignite Business Insider: Can you share a success story from one of your Design Tank events? Joseph Haecker: Absolutely. During our first Design Tank event, Nick May, a painting contractor and podcast host, presented an idea for providing design services for garage makeovers, which he called the "Overlooked Room." Nick received real-time feedback that helped inform his decision to add this new service to his existing business. He believed in the Design Tank concept so much that he allowed us to stream the session live on Facebook, hoping to show others the value of the platform. Ignite Business Insider: What is your vision for Design Tank moving forward? Joseph Haecker: The vision for Design Tank is for local showrooms and retailers to adopt the program as well. This will drive foot traffic into their showrooms and foster a business class and critical design thinking culture. By creating a regular, easy-to-host event, we can build a stronger, more connected design community that thrives on collaboration and shared knowledge. Ignite Business Insider: How can people get involved with Design Tank? Joseph Haecker: Whether you’re interested in presenting, attending as a guest, sponsoring, or hosting Design Tank events at your showroom, we’d love to hear from you. For more information, please visit Thank you for letting me share about Design Tank! Ignite Business Insider: Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your story and the exciting vision for Design Tank. We look forward to seeing how this innovative platform will shape the future of the design industry. By participating in Design Tank, you’re not just attending an event—you’re joining a movement that’s transforming the design community from within. Join us and be part of the change! Join the Movement: Be a Part of Design Tank! Visit for more information.
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