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Most Strategists and Advisors don't share how they make their money. I'm not like "most people".

Most people don't like to openly discuss how they make money, especially in the world of business strategy and advisory. You've probably encountered the conventional approach, where they lure you in with a $99 offer and then upsell you into a $30,000 retreat. But I'm not like "most people." My strategy is refreshingly simple: "Provide value at ALL levels."

If you're just starting out and working on a budget, I've got you covered with "FREE Stuff." That includes a treasure trove of resources like blogs, audio blogs, Ignite articles, a referral program, podcasts, a leadership quiz, media kits, and much more.

When you're ready to make an investment in yourself and your business, I offer "Affordable Stuff." Dive into books, audio courses, video courses, gift cards, workshops, and strategy sessions tailored to your needs.

Not quite ready for one-on-one guidance? No problem. I've got "Group Stuff" like workshops, mastermind groups, and weekly mindset calls to help you connect with like-minded individuals and grow together.

And when you're truly ready to take the leap, to push past your mental hurdles, and to start taking measurable action on your business, that's when "One-on-One Stuff" comes into play. We're talking regular strategy calls, accountability sessions, onsite and remote assessments, and more—all designed to propel you toward your goals.

The power is in your hands to choose your own path. Working with me isn't just about business; it's about personal growth too. I'm here to help you overcome those mental barriers and guide you toward a new realm of possibility.

So, here's a question for you...
Are you ready to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, to take that next step, and to stretch both yourself and your business into uncharted territories of success?

Let's embark on this journey together. Your potential knows no bounds.
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