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Unlock Your Business Potential with Expert Guidance

What do you do? The answer is simple; I help you get past your mental hurdles by filling in the blanks with the skills and experience you’re missing internally. As a former hospitality lighting designer, I've honed my ability not only to envision the outcome but to chart the entire roadmap, delegate tasks, and ensure success. Drawing from my extensive experience as a tech founder, having established over 28 tech platforms, raised funding, and orchestrated global teams, I possess a unique perspective firmly grounded in both the interior design and tech/startup realms—critical insights for navigating today's multifaceted business landscape.

Picture having one foot planted in the creative world of interior design, understanding its intricacies and demands, while the other foot is firmly rooted in the dynamic and ever-evolving tech and startup sphere. This dual perspective provides a well-rounded, active knowledge of two vastly different yet crucial facets of the business world.

I offer a spectrum of opportunities for you to engage with my expertise, ranging from freely accessible blogs, insightful audio blogs, valuable resources, and enlightening podcasts to interactive workshops, enlightening group calls, and ultimately, personalized One-on-One Strategy and Advisory sessions. But why stop at mere awareness? Let's dive into your unique business landscape together and illuminate the path to success.

The biggest factor that often holds businesses back is the simple reality that "we don't know what we don't know." Are you prepared to unlock your business's full potential, armed with knowledge and a strategic roadmap tailored to your specific journey? With my guidance and your determination, there's no hurdle too high and no unknown too intimidating. Let's uncover your path to success, one step at a time.

Get personalized advice through One-on-One Strategy sessions!"
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