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Project Features
Documenting the stories behind the projects within the design community.
Thank you for taking the time to share your project's story with us, our readers and your network.

My entire intent in creating Ignite Project Features was to simply help share the stories behind the projects that you create. Often times, we share the finished result, without sharing the project's journey. I believe that there is so much value to be had when we share the journey, not just the result. With Ignite Project Features, we ask questions that are designed to help extract the background story of you, your clients, project hurdles and what you learned from the project. These stories are great for your current and future clients to hear, as they share a behind the scenes look into what went into the project, how you solved design challenges and what you learned from each project. As a former high-end custom lighting designer for hotels, casinos and residential, I believe that design is about "solving problems". Sure, a person may look at a light fixture that I designed and enjoy it. But the magic was in the creation, the process, the vendors, and the design challenges I faced while creating the light fixture that hangs in hotels, ballrooms, casino floors and homes. If they knew those stories, there would be a greater appreciation for the art. I want to help you tell "that" story.

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