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One of the best ways to develop your skillsets and grow your business is to intentionally connect with fellow business owners and share vulnerably.


Our Monthly Virtual Group Mastermind is limited to 10 people, who commit to a 1-Year monthly virtual meeting. Each mastermind session will be 1.5 hours long. Each month, a minimum of 4 Members will have the opportunity to share. If we have time for an additional member to share, we will try for more sharing.


This group will be closed when we reach 10. Skillsets will vary. 



  • Monthly Zoom Call
  • 10 Members Max
  • 30-Second quick overview of your business
  • 2-Minutes to share a current problem you are experiencing in your business
  • One Clarifying Question from each member
  • Then, non-conversational feedback from each member
  • There is no dialog over feedback or observations



As business owners, having a circle of peers to share and gain feedback is vastly important to the development of your business ownership experience.


If compared to any sport, athletes train with other athletes to hone in their skillsets. So, then why would business owners not spend time training among fellow peers?


Our monthly virtual mastermind is your opportunity to connect and grow with peers of all levels.

Monthly Virtual Group Mastermind

  • $250/mth recurring fee

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