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What if your staged home, STR or new interior design project wasn't a staged home at all? 


When a home goes on the market, not only do dozens of potential buyers visit the listing, but so do neighbors and friends. 


Only one person or family will end up purchasing the home. But dozens will pass through.


...And what is it that they are looking at? Your furniture and accessories.


What if they could shop items like it? 


Leveraging your manufacturers supply, and your retail license, we can create an ecommerce platform for processing the sale of items similar to the items in your listings.


BONUS... You can continue to "sell the look" with links to your ecommerce platform when posting your photos to social media and on your website.


As Home Stager and Interior Designer, you are missing out on recurring sales of items similar to the items you have on display in your homes.


What if that wasn't a "staged home" at all? 


What if it were a "pop-up shop"?


We set up the ecommerce platform with brands based on your retail agreements and even introduce you to more brands.


Then we curate shops based on your listings. We create branded table tents and signage to display at your listings, then we help faciliate the orders.


You simply stage and make recurring revenues.

eCommerce Features

  • $1200/mth recurring fee + 5% of markup

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