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As a business owner, you have heard the phrase, "You need to build your personal brand". There is a lot of truth to that. One of the best ways to build your personal brand is by hosting a podcast.


As a person who has hosted and produced podcasts with over 3.5 Million views and downloads, and been on stage at podcast events, the part no one tells you is that podcasting takes a LOT of your time. And, that the largest benefit to podcasting isn't the listeners and the downloads. It's the simple act of inviting people to be "on" a podcast.


As a business owner, you should NOT be hosting a podcast. 

But, you should "HAVE" a podcast.


Our Branded Podcasts leverage the best aspects of owning a podcast, without the hassle of running a podcast.


1. You record a custom, scripted, intro and outro
2. You tell us which types of guests you want on your podcast
3. We book, schedule and record your podcasts for you
4. In editing, we add your intro and outro to the interview and produce a custom podcast on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Music
5. We send a copy of the podcast to your guests, so they can share it with their network
6. We share your podcast on social media, your web platform and outgoing emails


This means that you get all of the benefits of having a podcast, without any of the hassle of running a podcast


As a business owner, your time should be spend on driving revenues and growing your business. Your web platform will heandle the rest.

6-Episode Branded Podcast

  • $500/mth recurring fee

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