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January 24, 2024 at 1:00:38 PM

Making global HR look easy


How problems in good times create solutions for bad times.

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January 24, 2024 at 1:00:38 PM

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Timothy Partasevitch

CMO and co-founder


Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and share your story. Can you share a little bit about you and your company?

Sure, originally I joined the Smart IT team (it's a software development company), they were my clients from previous job. So I already was familiar with the some of the team. In 2023 me and my colleagues decided to create our own SaaS product in the HRIS space. That's Juggl. It's a HR platform for growing businesses to expand your international teams without countless barriers. our overall goal was to make global HR look easy. We did)

A question so many people are interested in, is how you got started. Can you share a little bit about what you were doing before this, and what that moment was like for you when you decided to start this new journey?

During my work there in 2023 we've faced some difficulties with our HR processes and had to restructure some of our operations. Some of our clients required a more hands-on approach with the teams we've been staffing for them. Out of those needs we decided to build an HRIS platform that would be more aligned with the particular needs of staffing and/or outsourcing business model. Nothing on the market was up to our standards, so we said to ourselves - let's build one! So the idea of Juggl was born out of our internal problems. Problems that I know many companies face today. Running an ever-expanding international business and managing every aspect of it (payments, recruiting, performance, leadership, etc.) is a gruelling task and it looks hard. It doesn't have to be that way.

Let's take a little bit of a detour, and rewind the clock a little bit. What did you want to be as a kid? And how did that influence the person you are today?

Scientist. I was always into technology and science. My academic background is in electrical and electronic engineering. How it affected me? Well, I think that I'm much more analytical and process-driven than most people in marketing and sales fields. Marketing and sales are tools for business, their effectiveness can be calculated for the most part. In electrical engineering you very often calculate the efficiency of engine or a generator, what amount of work is done and at what cost. Same here.

Have you fully let go of that childhood dream? And where do you see yourself going in the next ten years?

Ten years - no idea. I don't like to make such drastic plans. I'm not sure what will happen next week. But I don't think that I'm going suddenly to become an engineer.

Now, I have found that with successful people, there is always someone pivotal as either a mentor, parent, teacher, or someone that you look to for advise, that helped set you on this path. Could you share who that person was? And what impact that had on the person you are today?

Too many people like that. Not all of them I knew personally. Ideally what you want to do is to extract the most useful aspects of somebody's character or their work ethic and apply it to your own processes. I don't think that somebody has set me on the path, sometimes I think that I just stumbled in it. But if I were to name one person it will be my first boss Liudmila (CEO at Rampiq).

What was one take away that you learned from that person? And how did it translate into your business today?

Processes are important, even if you don't like them. Today I tried to ensure that my department runs like clockwork.

When we work with businesses, we focus a lot on their "Why?". What is your "Why"? What is the driver behind your company, and why you and your team wake up each day and give it your all?

The Why is tied to our original problem. Running global business, especially when you are growing startup looks tough and there is just too much staff. Why we build Juggl, to solve this issue and make sure that further expansion of our existing businesses will be easier. And I know that we are not the only ones who feel taht way. That's why

Let's dive deeper into your products and services. You already gave an overview, but how do your products or services help your customers? And what makes them different from your competitors?

Our product has 4 pillars (I wanted there to be 3, because it's better for marketing, but I couldn't make it into just 3, so it's 3 pillars and a roof over them)
1) Recruitment - ensuring processes to effectively recruit candidates globally and support processes not only for internal hiring, but also provide a toll for staffing and recruiting companies to engage with their clients in a meaningful and structured way.
2) Payment - accurate and fast payroll. Ensure timely and accurate payments in full compliance with international labor laws. give ability to manage salaries, contracts, benefits, all in the same system where you've hired the candidate.
3) Performance - align HR efforts with business strategy through continuous insights about performance and development. Making sure that the HR process doesn't just break at the level of recruitment and payment but that it goes beyond.
4) Engagement - To make your ONE global business truly work, you should stop treating it like managing five small separate businesses. Aligning all three previous pillars under one roof. Giving you analytical insights, org-charts and other tools to oversee every aspect of your business' growth.

What makes us different? While we are still young and hungry, we put utmost effort to ensure supreme customer experience. We work with our partners, build integrations for their already existing IT infrastructure.

Let's unpack that even further. Let's pick one aspect of your business. What makes it so unique? And how does it change you or your customer's experience?

I think that we are the best too that let's staffing and recruiting agency to meaningfully engage their clients in a recruiting process from start to finish. As a result, our clients can accelerate any recruitment pipeline. In a staffing and recruitment businesses one of the reoccurring issues is communication. Endless email threads for each position, trying to set up interviews and share candidate experience. We provide you with a tool, where your client can simply look at the entire pipeline, see all the candidates, see their experience, read comments from HRs, recruiters and other interviewers and set up a call with a candidate that they like in just two clicks

Let's dive into your customer's journey a little bit. Can you share with us, how do your customers discover you and your brand? What are their next steps? And what is the experience you would like to see your customers go on, when working with you and your brand?

I'm working on it right now. hopefully, they'll discover us from this article. What's next - contact me directly or book an appointment on our website. I personally will speak with you and try to understand what exactly your business needs and how we can help you. i'm not under the illusion that one size fits all. Some things might not be a fit for your business. But we can make changes. After all we have a company, full of software developers to customize the platform for you.

Let's rave about your customers for a minute. Can you share a story about one of your clients or customers, that either touched your heart, or made an impact with you and your team?

That's a tough one, I'm not sure that I'm allowed to share some of these stories. Honestly the largest impact is when a customer tells you that your product made their lives easier. It's cheesy, yes. But honestly that's pretty much the best review you can give "I had a problem, these guys solved it and I'm grateful to them."

Everyone likes an inside scoop. What detail or secret about either you, or your company, is something most people might not know?

We went through like 3 or 4 iterations of what Juggl has to be. And we tried to pitch each of the ideas. We used to call it Smart Network (as a subsidiary of Smart IT, our software development company). But I like Juggl more

Final thoughts. What feeling or benefits would you like your customers or clients to take away when working with you and your team?

Feeling that you've accomplished more with us, than you would without us.

Last question. How can people find out more about you and your company?

Contact me directly via LinkedIn, go to our website, I think it looks great, book an appointment and I'll be there to speak with you personally.

Thank you so much for sitting with us and sharing your story.

Thank you for having me, it's been a pleasure.

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