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Accentuate Your Space: The Transformative Power of Accent Walls
Published on:
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Eric Bauerle
Colorado Accents
Introducing Colorado Accents, where accent walls and custom barn doors are more than just a design choice – they are our passion. It all started when company founder, Eric Bauerle, first experimented with accent walls during high-end basement finishing projects. He developed a fascination for how custom design features like accent walls can completely redefine the ambiance of a room. Driven by the desire to share his passion of design and craftsmanship, Eric founded Colorado Accents. Our mission is simple: We want to share the transformative power of accent walls and the joy it brings with all those wanting to enhance their space. We believe that a unique focal point can fundamentally alter the way one experiences a space. Whether it is a design exuding sophistication, a calming grid or linear pattern for those who crave structure, or a bold geometric design that evokes creativity, the design that is right for you will add a bit of your personality and truly make your space yours. Every wall has a story to tell, and we are here to help you craft yours with style, creativity, quality, and professionalism.
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