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Did you know that I build websites?

Hey Interior Designers, Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers…

I built my first website in 2009, when I launched my Custom Lighting Design Consultation business, OC-3d Solid Designs. Where I went on to design for 28 of the top hospitality, commercial and residential lighting design companies. And in 2010, Eneref Institute credited me with “Changing the daylight tubular skylight industry”. I have building websites and platforms for local businesses and myself, ever since.

Did you build your own website? Or are you still paying a development firm for a website they built 10 years ago?

Are you tired of…
😞 Paying for multiple subscriptions for unused apps?
😞 Tracking Google Analytics for site activity?
😞 Importing Constant Contact or Mail Chimp email lists?
😞 Paying annual Calendly and booking subscriptions?

Does your website…
😞 Need an update?
😞 Have outdated information?
😞 Cost a fortune to get changes made?
😞 Have ads running from a few years ago?
😞 Take forever to get changes made?

Here’s the secret…
You don’t have to deal with any of that. And, you are not alone!

How about this?
❤️ We do the work for you - as a 100% Done For You service
❤️ We build you a site with CRM and Email included!
❤️ We create a Membership feature to let your network connect with each other to build community
❤️ We help you feature local businesses and drive more traffic
❤️ We'll craft blogs, audio blogs for your community to learn while on-the-go
❤️ We’ll write the automated email and SMS messages for your marketing
❤️ We’ll market, manage and scale your business for you
❤️ We’ll even craft your exit strategy, so you have options for the future

❤️ You are invited to join my Monthly Business Mastermind, so you can begin connecting with fellow business owners within my network, to get advise and build lasting connections!
❤️ We can help you publish your own books to establish you as an expert in your field
❤️ We can create Podcasts in your own voice!
❤️ We can even create Audio Courses that your can sell and earn passive income with!

This will be like you having your own:
✅ Marketing team working for you
✅ Having your own designer working for you
✅ Having your own ad team, managing it all
✅ Having your own in-house advisory team

So you can:
✅ Have people in your networks, asking you how you did this
✅ Have a holistic and complete marketing strategy and systems working for you 24/7
✅ Exceed your goals each and every month
✅ Be freed up to serve more of the people you want to serve and suspend more time doing the things you love, with the people you love.

I have been building Wix websites since 2009. Your website should be earning you money while you sleep!

And I want to help you do just that!

I can build you a website that makes you money while you sleep!
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