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Checkout my July Workshops Schedule!

Hey Interior Designers, Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers…

Have you seen all of the workshops I’m hosting this month? I have a wide range of topics that you are NOT going to want to miss out on!

Home Stagers – If you are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge, create a workplace that your employees can grow and thrive, and if you are looking to create raving fan clients…Then you’re going to want to register for “The Art of Intra-Job Mobility” - Strategies to Encourage Job Specialization in Home Staging!
Discover how tiered job levels can revolutionize employee retention and team productivity.
Click here to save 50% when you register before midnight on July 6th:

Home Stagers – Have you considered what would happen to your Home Staging business when you can’t stage anymore? Planning for and having an Exit Strategy does NOT mean you MUST sell your business. But it does mean that you would have a plan in place should you want, or need, to sell your business.
Join me July 18th as we dive deeper into my book, “The Art of Selling Your Home Staging Business” – Unlocking the path to profitable exits
Learn the secrets of selling your business while embracing the next chapter of your professional journey.
Click here to save 50% when you register before midnight on July 11th:

Aspiring Authors – Have you been putting off publishing your first book? I started my own publishing journey 9 weeks ago. I have since published 18 books on Amazon, that are generating $240-280 a day in passive revenue! Your dreams of publishing books and leaning a mark int this world are more tangible than ever before!
Join me July 22nd for my workshop, “Get Published On Amazon, Using ChatGPT” - You could be earning passive with your own published books!
Click here to save 50% when you register before midnight on July 19th:

Interior Designers & Home Stagers – Have you dreamt of landing a licensing deal with a manufacturer and seeing your products or brand in stores and shelves, earning you passive income? There is a lot to navigate when it comes to structuring a solid licensing deal.
Join me July 25th where we will unpack the lessons, tips and myths covered in my book, “The Business of Interior Design: A Licensing Handbook”. We will cover all that you will need to know in order to approach a manufacturer with a licensing deal that makes money and benefits everyone.
Click here to save 50% when you register before midnight on July 18th:

Real Estate Agents – As the market gets more competitive, are you looking for ways to thrive?
Join me July 27th for my workshop, "Thriving in a Challenging Market" - Unleashing the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents!
This is based on the book, "Thriving in a Challenging Market: The 7 habits of a highly successful Real Estate Agent," – With quotes and strategies from Gary Keller, Grant Cardon and Glenn Sanford. We connect the dots on how top agents are able to thrive in a challenging market.
Click here to save 50% when you register before midnight on July 20th:

I have a workshop for everyone! And a special offer fir each event, to help make each workshop affordable so that you get the most out of each workshop.

Don't miss out on these deals and workshops!
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