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อ. 16 พ.ค.



Don't be the low price leader!

Having the lowest price is the best way to kill you and your company

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Don't be the low price leader!
Don't be the low price leader!


16 พ.ค. 2566 13:00 – 14:00



Which cheese burger is going to have the best quality and flavor?

Burger A for $1


Burger B for $30

So, here's my question...

I didn't say anything about the burgers them selves. You know nothing about the ingredients, how it was prepared, or the experience of either burger. Yet, you immediately came to a conclusion about which burger had the best quality and flavor.

Or, you were immediately cheap and made a determination based on price.

When you price compete, you are ignoring everything about your business and focusing soley on your competitors. Or, you are immediately assuming that all of your customers will not be able to afford the cost of your services.

The truth is, pricing should be based on the service you provide and what it costs you tp provide the products and services.

If you are the low price leader in you rmarket, you are killing yourself and your company.

This Zoom call is great for owners, managers and anyone in leadership, that needs to learn that great customer service and value building is the best way to increase prices, while maintaining margins that will sustain your business.


In this session, each attendee will have the opportunity to share a little bit about their company, their pricing on a product or service and their reason behind their pricing.

Then, they will be asked what would happen if we increased the price by 10X.

How would they validate the increase?

Will they panic and say, they can't see their customers paying that much?

That sounds stupid. 

But try it. 

If you had to validate increasing your prices by ten times their current rates...What would you offer your customers to validate the increase?


The faster you learn to value your products and services, and provide value.

You will do two things...

1. Have more money to grow your business and have better employees

2. Your customers will be better customers

Why would you want to be the person that makes 30 cheese burgers, for $30. When you could be the person that sells one cheese burger for $30, and gets to spend time getting to know your customer, enjoy your team and time spent with family.

Why do you think working hard is what you MUST do?


This session is great for your entire leadership team.

As a business owner, you're thinking, "Why would I want my managers to learn think they could work less?"

The simple answer.

Their job is NOT to work hard.

Their job is to provide GREAT customer service.

The day you learn to value your pricing, is the day you buy back time for you and your team.


Your ticket purchase goes towards supporting Feeding America. 10% of ALL revenue, is donated to Feeding America, who is on a mission to end food scarcity in America. Each month, we take 10% of ALL revenues, and donate it directly to Feeding America.

So you will know that not only are you and your team learning skills that will change the culture and trajectory of your business, but it will support a cause that we can all support...Feeding America.

To learn more about Feeding America and our pledge to support their efforts, click here:

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