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Skyrocket Your Interior Design Business with Bold Pricing.

by Joseph Haecker

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In the realm of interior design, pricing isn't just about numbers—it's a statement of worth and creativity. It's time to shatter the chains of conventional pricing and embark on a daring journey with "F*ck Mediocre Pricing: Skyrocket Your Interior Design Business with Bold Rates" by Joseph Haecker. Are you tired of blending into the crowd, timidly accepting what's expected? Do you want to break free and be a standout in the design world? Joseph Haecker, a maverick in the design industry, presents a guide that dares you to challenge norms, to stand tall as a "Design Dragon, not a Sheep." Drawing from a rich background as a former high-end custom lighting designer, serial tech founder, and business strategist, Joseph guides you through a revolution in pricing strategies. With inked defiance—"F*ck the Trends"—on his wrist, he empowers you to abandon mediocrity and command your true worth. In this Book You'll Discover: Fearless Pricing Strategies: Break free from the shackles of ordinary pricing and learn to set rates that reflect your creative genius. Embrace Uniqueness: Showcase your uniqueness unapologetically through audacious pricing strategies that echo your design brilliance. Navigate Client Interactions: Learn the art of assertiveness in client negotiations and confidently present your pricing, leaving an indelible mark. This book is not just a guide—it's a manifesto for those who refuse to conform. It's a call to action, beckoning you to set your designs and pricing strategies ablaze, leaving mediocrity in the dust. Join the Rebellion. Are you ready to ignite a design revolution? Ready to elevate your business and boldly proclaim "F*ck Mediocre Pricing"? Grab this book, and let the transformation begin. Be a Design Dragon, not a Sheep. The revolution starts with you. Make your mark. Turn the page. Your design empire awaits.

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