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Welcome to the Future of Book Writing
Your Ultimate "Done for You"
Generated Book Writing Service!

Are you an aspiring author seeking to create a captivating book that resonates with your target audience? Look no further! Our cutting-edge AI Generated Book Writing Service is here to turn your dreams into reality, with a wealth of features that will set your book on the path to success.

Here's what we offer:

  1. Tailored Book Concepts: We'll utilize advanced AI algorithms to identify books within your genre that your potential readers are most likely to purchase. This ensures your book aligns perfectly with market demands.

  2. Creative Title Options: We'll craft up to 30 compelling title options that capture the essence of your book, setting the stage for an irresistible read.

  3. Engaging Sub-Titles: We'll provide up to 30 sub-title options that complement your main title and entice readers to delve into your masterpiece.

  4. Captivating "Short Descriptions": A collection of up to 30 short, snappy descriptions will showcase your book's key highlights, leaving readers eager to know more.

  5. Complete Book Structure: From the Forward to the Table of Contents, meticulously crafted Chapters, and optional Chapter Quizzes - we'll handle every aspect of your book's structure, ensuring a seamless reading experience.

  6. Author's Identity: An "About the Author" section will be thoughtfully created to build a connection between you and your readers, establishing credibility and trust.

  7. Irresistible Back Cover "Blurb": Our AI will compose an attention-grabbing back cover blurb that seals the deal and convinces readers to purchase your book.

  8. Stunning Cover Art Options: Choose from up to 6 professionally designed cover art options, each crafted to make your book stand out on the virtual bookshelves.

  9. Amazon Optimization: A carefully curated Amazon Book description, coupled with up to 30 strategic keywords, will significantly enhance your book's visibility in search results.

  10. Social Media Magic: Leverage our "Coming Soon" Social Media Post to build anticipation, and our "Now Available for Purchase on Amazon" Social Media Post to drive sales.

Bonus Perks:

  1. Amazon Affiliates Page: Your book will be featured on our influential Amazon Affiliates page, giving it an extra boost in exposure and reach.

  2. Email and Social Media Promotion: We'll go the extra mile by promoting your book in our outgoing emails and across our extensive social media networks, guaranteeing wider outreach.


We are passionate about empowering authors to achieve their literary dreams. Our "Done for You" AI Generated Book Writing Service takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best – writing exceptional content.


Join countless satisfied authors who have already benefited from our service, and let us help you create a book that captivates, inspires, and leaves a lasting impact on your readers. Take the leap into the future of book writing with us!

Get started now and experience the power of AI in shaping literary success. Your story awaits!

How it works...
Step 1

Complete the form and payment.

Step 2

Schedule a quick discovery call to review the concept of the book and key informationn you would like included.

Step 3
Email Icon.png

We will send you proof copies for the manuscript, covers and about sections, for your approval.

The Ultimate "Done For You" AI Generated Book Writing Service

Your Book. With NONE of your time.


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