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Website Elements
Discover the variety of terms and offerings we provide

Basic Website Pages

Basic Website Pages are elements that are included in all website designs. These come standard with any of our web design projects. Each page is customized to match your brand and target audience, but the pages are standard. They include: - Home Page - About Page - Contact Page - Services Page - Policies Page - Terms of Use Page

Featured Articles

Featured Articles is a great way to both build community, and leverage your network as marketers for your platform. You network is able to respond to an interview questionnaire and self public an article featuring their business, on your platform. This both adds great content to your platform, with unique keywords and interesting stories. But it also provides your network with articles about themselves, that they share with their network, bringing you extra site traffic from their network. Featured Articles is a great way to grow your brand, while being a good community builder.

Email Program

We prefer an all-in-one CRM, where your web platform tracks all site activity, subscribers, members and upgrades in one space. By opting into our email program, we can easily tie and track traffic to your web platform. We have several email program offers. starting at our four (4) monthly emails, an eight (8) email program and a twelve (12) email program. We suggest the four (4) email program for most businesses. Your basic web platform comes standard with built in email automations for when a person subscribes, upgrades or engages with a feature that comes with an email trigger. If you are a larger brand, with a high volume of traffic, then we may suggest the eight and twelve email option. But we find that most businesses are perfectly suited for the four (4) email program.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials are great validation for any business. They help let future clients know and understand your value, from the customers standpoint. They also validate that other people have worked with your business and had a great experience. We take an additional spin on the traditional testimonial by asking the client about how it impacted "them". We find that by providing the opportunity for the client to talk about themselves, they are more likely to share their testimonial with their own network. We offer several monthly Client Testimonial quantity options, which include: - Four (4) Testimonials - Eight (8) Testimonials - Twelve (12) Testimonials These can be scaled up and down, based on your needs.

Listings Posts

For Home Stagers, Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers, posting about your properties is important. A major mistake is that most agents, stagers and interior designers create content that isn't relevant months and years later. We have found that by sharing a story about that property (overcomming a problem, finding a solution, giving insights into a detail, etc.), that the content that is created becomes more evergreen and endearing for audiences. Listing Posts should be an opportunity to share a story.

Knowledge Shorts (On-site Filming)

Knowledge Shorts are a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert, with short-form content that is designed for your network to share. Many businesses create content for the sake of creating content. With Knowledge Shorts, the content that is created is designed to encourage audiences to share that information with their networks. We provide: - Scripts and Edits - On-site filming - Editing - Social Media Distribution Content is created in Batches (Thirty, 45-60 Second Video Clips), to be distributed over a 6-Month schedule. This is an option element, but one that we highly suggest.

About Video (On-site Filming)

We can not stress how important an about video is. The best way for your clients to learn about who you are and what you offer is to hear it directly from you. Many businesses rely on their website, social media and marketing to share their story. But that leaves the customer having to piece together a story that they could hear in one simple about video. We come out to you to film your unique about video. What's included: - 1-5 Days of on-site filming - 4K cameras and studio quality microphones - Gimble and Drone footage (Where allowed) - Editing - Custom animated logo - Music - An MP4 copy of the video What's not included: - Airfare - Luggage - Uber/transportation - Hotel/Accomodations

Branded Podcasts

As a business owner, you have heard the phrase, "You need to build your personal brand". There is a lot of truth to that. One of the best ways to build your personal brand is by hosting a podcast. As a person who has hosted and produced podcasts with over 3.5 Million views and downloads, and been on stage at podcast events, the part no one tells you is that podcasting takes a LOT of your time. And, that the largest benefit to podcasting isn't the listeners and the downloads. It's the simple act of inviting people to be "on" a podcast. As a business owner, you should NOT be hosting a podcast. But, you should "HAVE" a podcast. Our Branded Podcasts leverage the best aspects of owning a podcast, without the hassle of running a podcast. HOW IT WORKS 1. You record a custom, scripted, intro and outro 2. You tell us which types of guests you want on your podcast 3. We book, schedule and record your podcasts for you 4. In editing, we add your intro and outro to the interview and produce a custom podcast on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Music 5. We send a copy of the podcast to your guests, so they can share it with their network 6. We share your podcast on social media, your web platform and outgoing emails This means that you get all of the benefits of having a podcast, without any of the hassle of running a podcast As a business owner, your time should be spend on driving revenues and growing your business. Your web platform will heandle the rest.

Market Updates - Postcard Program (Real Esate)

As a Real Estate Agent, getting in front of a new buyers or sellers at the right moment is crucial. Home owners are always curious about the value of their home, and how much their neighbors home sold for. With our Market Updates Postcard Program, we send out simple postcards with your branding, a QR Code and the words, "Are you curious how much your neighbor's home sold for?" When scanned, potential clients are redirected to your platform, share their name and email in order to gain access to the latest Market Updates in their area. We create prompts, asking them if they are looking to buy or sell, and to schedule an appointment. Fairly simple. And yet, very few agents control the process by having a web platform that they own.

Media Kits

When was the last time you were a guest on a podcast, the local news, or an industry or community publication? With our Media Kits program, we create a shareable media kit, with your headshots, talking points, bio and other useful information that booking and casting agents look for when booking for their shows. We then circulate your media kits and help facilitate your bookings as part of the service. At any level of business, you should fill the role of spokes person or ambassador of your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to gain PR for your brand. Our Media Kits Program is a very simple way to begin gaining media attention for you and your brand.

eCommerce Features

What if your staged home, STR or new interior design project wasn't a staged home at all? When a home goes on the market, not only do dozens of potential buyers visit the listing, but so do neighbors and friends. Only one person or family will end up purchasing the home. But dozens will pass through. ...And what is it that they are looking at? Your furniture and accessories. What if they could shop items like it? Leveraging your manufacturers supply, and your retail license, we can create an ecommerce platform for processing the sale of items similar to the items in your listings. BONUS... You can continue to "sell the look" with links to your ecommerce platform when posting your photos to social media and on your website. As Home Stager and Interior Designer, you are missing out on recurring sales of items similar to the items you have on display in your homes. Whatt if that wasn't a "staged home" at all? What if it were a "pop-up shop"? HOW IT WORKS We set up the ecomemrce platform with brands based on your retail agreements and even introduce you to more brands. Then we curate shops based on your listings. We create branded table tents and signage to display at your listings, then we help faciliate the orders. You simply stage and make recurring revenues.


Looking to create events for your company? Let's create a fast and easy way to create and promote events through your own platform. You can take payments, raise funds through donations and use events to build up local communities. Having your own events page means you can host industry mixers, and other networking events that drive traffic and collect contact information.

Outside Advertising

A major difference between a website and a platform is that websites are designed to provide information for people that come to or discover a site. A platform is a virtual space to connect with others, give and take information and build community. As a platform, it is very easy to sell advertising space for others to benefit from the traffic your platform is able to attract. By adding advertising, you multiply the sites traffic, because your advertisers now have the motivation to promote you and your business as well. You essentially become your own marketplace. We do not charge you for ads of ad revenue. Instead, we partner with you. You provide permission to offer advertising space, and we take care of the ad sales. Then we take a revenue split. On leads and revenue we generate, we take a 60% cut. On leads and revenue you generate and close, you take a 60% cut. Payments are summarized monthly and paid out via PayPal or invoice. Simple. We all make money.

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