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We have partnered with Trade Show Preview to help you promote your booth, speaking session or sponsorship of our upcoming show. 

We strive to make all of our events a success, so we've partnered with Trade Show Preview to create promotional interviews with our exhibitors, vendors, speaker and sponsors to help promote your participation at our event.

Trade Show Preview is a great way to share an overview of the new products you will be introducing at the event, topics you will be sharing, what attendees can expect when the visit you at your booth, and any special promotions ahead of the event.

We want our next event to be a hit! So we've partnered with Trade Show Preview to help you drive more traffic to your booth!

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Why Does This Matter?

We're thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Trade Show Preview, elevating your trade show experience to unprecedented heights. We understand the monumental investment you make in exhibitions, aiming to provide potential customers and distributors with an immersive experience of your products.

Traditionally, success at these events hinged on attracting the right attendees who would actively engage with and experience your latest offerings. Now, with Trade Show Preview, the game has changed. No longer are you left hoping for the ideal audience; you now possess the ability to proactively drive traffic to your booth, ensuring an event that goes beyond expectations.

Empower yourself to shape the narrative and secure optimal results by actively attracting the right audience. Deliver vital information to attendees well in advance of your next trade show appearance, putting you in control of your trade show destiny with Trade Show Preview!

Seize this opportunity to redefine your trade show success. Welcome to a new era of exhibitions, where awareness, engagement, and success are within your grasp. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and make a lasting impression with Trade Show Preview.

How It Works

Ready to shine at your upcoming trade show? Crafting your promotional interview is a breeze! Complete the form, pick a date, and share exciting details about your trade show participation. From new product launches to announcements, promotions, and booth numbers – let us help you showcase it all!

Our sessions, running 2 to 10 minutes, focus on impactful promotional content. After your interview, Trade Show Preview swiftly edits the video, adding your name, title, logo, and promotional offers. The edited masterpiece is shared on The LIVE Broadcast Network and sent to you via WeTransfer for personal use and promotional efforts.

Seize this golden opportunity to amplify your trade show presence and generate buzz with Trade Show Preview. Elevate your brand effortlessly and make your mark at the event!

On a Video Call
Sample Script

Host: Hey there! Joseph Haecker here with Trade Show Preview. Today I am here with Mark Smith, CMO of ABC Company. Mark, ABC Company will be exhibiting at XYZ Trade Show May 19-21 in Miami. Can you share a little bit about you and your company?

Host: Now, Mark. ABC Company has some great new products debuting at the show. Can you give us a taste of what you will be introducing at the show?

Host: Mark, who should attend the show and swing by your booth May 19-21 in Miami?

Host: Now Mark, checking my notes here, it looks like you have a special offer for people interested in attending this years show?

Host: Well folks, this is a can't miss event, May 19-21 in Miami. Register today, and enter the promo code in the description below. Mark we will see you at XYZ Trade Show in Miami. This is Joseph Haecker with Trade Show Preview.

What You Get:

✔  Branded Trade Show Preview Episode

✔  The Ability to Feature New Items

✔  The Ability to Target Ideal Attendees

✔  The Ability to Promote Your Booth and Event

✔  Full Editing and Graphics Included

✔  MP4 Video Copy of Your Episode

✔  24-48 Hour Turn Around Time

✔  Simple and Easy Event Promotion

ALL of this for ONLY:
Regular Price: $2800
Rates Subject to change without notice. Register early to guarantee current rates.
Trade Show Preview Podcast Logo - Red and White.png
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