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Brand marketing, ahead of trade shows. 
Angie Weber
Coverings 2024 | Use Promo Code: AngieNTD
Atlanta, GA | April 22-25
February 22, 2024 at 1:58:45 AM
Allison Eden, Glass Mosaic Artist
Allisons Wonderland of Mosaics
FEB 29, 2024
February 21, 2024 at 10:36:40 PM
Tag Gilkeson
International Builders’ Show
FEB 27-29, 2024
February 20, 2024 at 10:52:54 PM
Speaking, Sponsoring, or Debuting New Products at an Upcoming Trade Show?

Why wait until the event to showcase your speaking topics, newest offerings or sponsorship involvement? Generate buzz and draw attention to your booth before the trade show even begins!

Trade Show Preview presents a cutting-edge remote video podcast, showcasing brands and their upcoming trade show debuts – all before the actual event takes place!

Now, you have the opportunity to captivate your audience, boost booth traffic, and spotlight your latest products to both attendees and your extensive network well in advance of the trade show. Elevate your brand by promoting products, booth details, and any special promotions, ensuring heightened awareness leading up to your next trade show appearance.

Why Does This Matter?

Speaking, exhibiting and sponsoring a trade show is a huge time and money investment – Whether you are building your brand, converting customers or building awareness of new products and opportunities, you have a lot riding on your next trade show. Why not hedge your bet by driving more attention to your upcoming event?

Enter Trade Show Preview - a game-changer. No longer do you have to rely solely on the hope that the right audience will attend. With our platform, you now wield the ability to actively drive traffic to your booth, tipping the scales in favor of a highly successful trade show.

Empower yourself to ensure optimal results by proactively attracting the right audience, delivering key information to attendees well in advance of your next trade show appearance. Take control of your trade show experience with Trade Show Preview!

How It Works

Crafting your promotional interview is a breeze! Simply complete the form below, select a convenient date and time, and come prepared on the day of your remote interview to share exciting details about your upcoming trade show participation. From debuting new products to special announcements, promotions, and booth numbers – let us help you showcase it all!

Our sessions typically run between 2 to 10 minutes, focusing on promotional content to maximize impact. Following the interview, Trade Show Preview will promptly commence video editing, incorporating on-screen details such as the participant's name and title, your logo, website information, and any promotional offers. The edited video will then be shared on our social media network platform, The LIVE Broadcast Network, and a WeTransfer file containing the MP4 video will be sent directly to you for your personal use and promotional efforts.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your brand and generate buzz with Trade Show Preview – the perfect platform to amplify your trade show presence!

On a Video Call
Sample Script

Host: Hey there! Joseph Haecker here with Trade Show Preview. Today I am here with Mark Smith, CMO of ABC Company. Mark, ABC Company will be exhibiting at XYZ Trade Show May 19-21 in Miami. Can you share a little bit about you and your company?

Host: Now, Mark. ABC Company has some great new products debuting at the show. Can you give us a taste of what you will be introducing at the show?

Host: Mark, who should attend the show and swing by your booth May 19-21 in Miami?

Host: Now Mark, checking my notes here, it looks like you have a special offer for people interested in attending this years show?

Host: Well folks, this is a can't miss event, May 19-21 in Miami. Register today, and enter the promo code in the description below. Mark we will see you at XYZ Trade Show in Miami. This is Joseph Haecker with Trade Show Preview.

What You Get:

✔  Branded Trade Show Preview Episode

✔  The Ability to Feature New Items

✔  The Ability to Target Ideal Attendees

✔  The Ability to Promote Your Booth and Event

✔  Full Editing and Graphics Included

✔  MP4 Video Copy of Your Episode

✔  24-48 Hour Turn Around Time

✔  Simple and Easy Event Promotion

ALL of this for ONLY:
Regular Price: $2800
Rates Subject to change without notice. Register early to guarantee current rates.
Do you host trade shows, or events?
You could earn passive revenue for your show or event with Trade Show Preview!
Trade Show Preview Podcast Logo - Red and White.png
Let's Get You Booked!
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