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Welcome to the
This is the ❤️️ of working with me, One-on-One.
No. I am not a "coach". I am a Business Strategist and Advisor.
What does that mean?
As a Business Strategist, it means that I will work with you to build a strategy and plan to get you to YOUR goals.
And as an Advisor, I will be here for you, to help make adjustments and offer suggestions and support to keep you on track with your goals. Whatever they maybe.
What is involved?
First, we do a deep dive assessment. This can be done remote, or onsite. I would get to know all of the details of how your business operates and how it generates revenue.
Next, you and I would work together to create a roadmap for implementation. I will do all of the drafting of strategy and timelines. You review, reject and approve.
From there, I will build a "progress tracker". This will be a simple way for us to measure the progress toward reaching your goal.
And last is Accountability and Advising. This is where you and I will determine how often we need to check-in, so that we can make adjustments to the timeline and plan.
Let's talk pricing
My pricing is simple. I charge based on a consulting rate of $240 an hour.
Getting started with my program includes the following:
• Initial Assessment (either remote or in-person): Minimum 10-Hours
• Strategy & Timeline (remote): Minimum 6-Hours
• Progress Tracker Design: Minimum 4-Hours
You and I will determine the frequency of our Accountability & Advisory sessions. This can be scaled up or down as needed.
Here are the options:
Monthly: A 2-Hour Call, plus 4-Hours adapting the timeline and strategy
• Bi-Weekly: 1-Hour Calls, plus 3-Hours adapting the timeline and strategy
• Weekly: 30-45 Minute Calls, plus 4-Hours adapting the timeline and strategy
Any additional time will be billed in 1/8 Hour increments.
Next steps...
If you are ready to take measurable action, to develop a plan to get your business, your personal brand and your life on track and where you want to be?

If so, let's set up a call.

As you may already know, I am a combination of creative and analytical. Not only can I see the vision in my head, but I can help you put a plan together to see that vision become a reality.

Let's get you to your goal!
Let's set up a discovery call!
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