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Do You Know Your Leadership Style?
You might be hiring the wrong people for your particular style...

Let's talk about Real Estate over a beer

Everything is better over a beer!
(Denver Metro Area Only)

My name is Joseph Haecker. I host several podcasts on  range of topics. I serve as the COO of an international trade association (IAHSP) for Home Stagers, Real Estate Agents, and Interior Designers.

But, mostly...I'm an inquisitive person. With this new podcast, I want to learn about you, and your business.

What are your thoughts? What is working for you? Why do your clients love you?

And, I thought..."Let's have this conversation over a beer, so we can keep it casual"

I believe that clients connect with the person first, then the expertise. So with this series, I'm just looking to share your story.

So if you are an agent in the greater Denver Metro area, let me buy you a beer. And let's record a podcast about you and your real estate story.

What To Expect

• Simply pick a Date and Time
• Choose a location (Wood Boss or Colorado Campfire)

• We will mic up, then order a beer

• The questions are easy
- Can you share a little bit about you and your company?
- What is your niche?
- Then we will have a conversation about you and your niche

• We'll wrap up with how people can learn more about you and your company


Thanks for subscribing!

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