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What does marketing mean to you and your business?

What does marketing mean to you and your business?

For me, marketing is simple—it's storytelling.

Marketing is the art of crafting a narrative. It's about conveying the who, what, where, and why of a person, place, or thing. It delves into their values, imparts lessons, or leaves a lasting impression.

Though it may sound like a complex concept, the fundamentals of good storytelling are lessons we learned in elementary school, and truthfully, they remain unchanged.

While the mediums for storytelling have expanded and improved, the essence of a good story remains the same. It foreshadows, introduces characters that resonate, and engages audiences. A good story is designed to captivate or inform a specific audience, inviting them in and establishing a personal connection.

What's your favorite story? What's the first story from your childhood that still impacts you?

Marketing is not merely about posting or adhering to a schedule. It's not just sales, branding, or a process. It is the story that precedes sales, creating a foundation of relationship, trust, confidence, and understanding. Marketing sets the stage and tone, influencing the character of a person, place, or thing. It should be considered in every instance of how something evolves, much like self-reflection for a person.

Marketing helps you understand how you are perceived and why. It should be viewed as a tool to align with your aspirations.

Marketing is not solely SEO, content creation, email campaigns, posting schedules, PR, branding, packaging, or advertising. It encompasses all of these, along with customer service, tonality, voice, appearance, engagement, mystique, allure, values, and character.

So, what is marketing?

For me, marketing is the story of you, your brand, and the people supporting that concept or product. It's the story others tell, your reputation now and in the future.

Marketing orchestrates the narrative, reflecting who you are or aspire to be. The process is as simple as answering who, what, where, and why. As adults, we've often overcomplicated what we learned as kids in elementary school.

I'm Joseph Haecker, a serial entrepreneur, creative, and storyteller. In 2024, I aim to work with 8 brands, helping tell their story and develop marketing strategies as a Fractional CMO. I am so confident in this endeavor that I am offering to work with each company for an entire year at only $25k ($500 a week).

My goal in offering my talent and services at this insanely low rate is simple; to help these eight companies succeed.

If you want to build a community, engage your audience, and reach your goals, let's set up a call. I can help you tell your story.

Joseph Haecker

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