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Looking to Take Your Home Staging Business to New Heights? Find the Answers in "Breaking the Mold"

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

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As a business owner in the modern world of home staging, you understand the importance of creating a welcoming and visually appealing space for your clients. You also understand that the success of your business relies on the talent and skills of your team.

With that in mind, have you considered the value of creating inner job mobility for your junior and senior home stagers through encouraging and offering training on niche job specialization?

"Inner job mobility", also known as "internal career mobility", refers to the movement of employees within an organization to different job roles or positions. By offering specialized training and encouraging your employees to develop niche skills, you are not only empowering them to become experts in their field but also investing in their personal and professional development. This, in turn, can lead to increased employee retention and a more skilled and versatile team, which can benefit your business in multiple ways.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of creating "inner job mobility" for your employees and how specialized training can lead to increased employee satisfaction and business revenue. We will also address psychological barriers and dispel myths around training employees who may leave.

Benefits of Creating Inner Job Mobility

As mentioned earlier, creating inner job mobility can benefit your business in many ways and is being adapted by the new generation of home stagers, that understand that we are a community that rises together.

Here are some key benefits to consider:

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention: One of the most significant benefits of offering specialized training and creating inner job mobility is increased employee satisfaction and retention. When employees feel that their employer is investing in their professional development, they are more likely to feel valued and engaged in their work. This, in turn, can lead to increased job satisfaction, which can help to reduce employee turnover.

More Skilled and Versatile Team: By encouraging your employees to develop niche skills, you can create a more skilled and versatile team. Having a team that is proficient in a range of areas can help your business to become more agile and responsive to changing market demands.

Increased Revenue Streams: With a team of experts in various areas of home staging, you can expand your business offerings and tap into new revenue streams. For example, if you have a team member who specializes in luxury home staging, you can offer this service to high-end clients who are willing to pay a premium for this expertise.

Better Collaboration and Community: When employees are encouraged to develop niche skills, they can bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table. This can lead to better collaboration and a stronger sense of community within your team.

Psychological Barriers

Despite the benefits of creating inner job mobility, there are some psychological barriers that may prevent home staging business owners from offering specialized training. For example, some "more traditional" home staging business owners may fear that investing in employee development will lead to higher employee turnover. Others may believe that their employees are not interested in developing niche skills or that they lack the resources to provide training.

However, research shows that investing in employee development can actually lead to increased employee retention. A study by LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. Furthermore, offering specialized training can actually make your employees feel more valued and engaged in their work, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Dispelling Myths

Another common myth is that "training employees who may leave is a waste of resources".

However, providing specialized training can benefit your business even if the employee does eventually leave. First, the employee may stay with your company for longer if they feel that their employer is invested in their professional development. Second, even if they do leave, they may become an ambassador for your business and recommend your services to others based on the positive experience they had while working for your company.

Incorporating Specialized Training into Your Business

So, how can you incorporate specialized training into your business?

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Assess Employee Interests and Potential: Start by identifying the interests and potential of your junior and senior home stagers. Have conversations with them to understand their career aspirations and areas of expertise they would like to develop. This will help you align their interests with the needs of your business.

2. Offer Training Opportunities: Once you have identified the niche areas that your employees are interested in, provide them with opportunities for specialized training. This can include workshops, seminars, online courses, or bringing in industry experts to provide guidance and mentorship. Remember, investing in their development is an investment in the growth of your business.

3. Encourage Knowledge Sharing: Foster a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within your team. Encourage your employees to share their expertise and learn from one another. This can be done through regular team meetings, presentations, or even creating an internal knowledge base where employees can access and contribute to valuable resources.

4. Provide Growth Paths: Clearly define career growth paths within your company that encourage employees to develop their niche skills. This can include promotion opportunities or the creation of specialized positions within your organization. By providing a clear path for growth, you inspire your employees to continuously improve and contribute to the success of your business.

5. Recognize and Reward Achievements: Acknowledge the achievements of your employees as they acquire specialized skills. Celebrate their successes and provide rewards or incentives to motivate them to continue their professional development journey. Recognizing their efforts not only boosts their morale but also creates a positive and empowering work environment.

6. Foster a Learning Culture: Instill a culture of continuous learning within your organization. Encourage your employees to embrace new challenges, take risks, and constantly seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills. By promoting a learning culture, you create an environment where personal and professional growth are highly valued.

7. Stay Updated on Industry Trends: As a business owner, it is essential to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the home staging industry. By keeping yourself up-to-date, you can identify emerging niche areas and guide your employees towards the most relevant and valuable training opportunities.

Creating inner job mobility through specialized training is a powerful strategy to empower your junior and senior home stagers and drive the success of your business. By investing in their professional development, you not only enhance employee satisfaction and retention but also unlock new revenue streams and foster a collaborative and empowered team.

Remember, the benefits of specialized training far outweigh any potential risks. Address the psychological barriers by understanding the positive impact it can have on employee retention and business growth. Dispelling the myth that training employees who may leave is a waste of resources is crucial, as their enhanced skills and positive experience can still benefit your business even if they choose to move on.

So, as a Modern Home Staging owner, ask yourself:

Are you ready to create a thriving community of empowered home staging professionals?

Are you willing to invest in their growth and unlock new opportunities for your business?

The choice is yours, and the potential rewards are waiting to be embraced. Together, let's revolutionize the home staging industry through specialized training and unleash the true potential of your team.

Empower. Inspire. Elevate.

The future of home staging starts within.


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Modern Home Stagers - Are you ready to take the next step?

Introducing "Breaking the Mold: Mastering Habits for Junior Home Stagers" – a game-changing book that will revolutionize the way your team approaches home staging. Are you ready to empower your junior home stagers, unleash their true potential, and create a team of specialists who deliver unmatched value to your real estate agent and homeowner clients? This book holds the key to unlocking their success and taking your business to new heights.

In this inspiring and transformative guide, we delve deep into the art of mastering habits and developing specialized skills within the world of home staging. We break free from traditional molds and show you how to empower your junior stagers to embrace their unique talents and carve out their own niche opportunities. By doing so, you'll elevate your team's expertise, enhance their job satisfaction, and ignite a new level of success for your business.

"Breaking the Mold" is not just another run-of-the-mill book on home staging; it's a powerful manifesto that challenges the status quo. Through a combination of insightful strategies, real-life examples, and actionable steps, we guide your junior stagers on a transformative journey towards becoming true specialists in their craft.

Imagine a team of junior stagers who are not just proficient in the basics, but have mastered the art of luxury home staging, eco-friendly designs, or even virtual staging. Picture the impact they can make on your clients, as they deliver tailored and innovative solutions that set your business apart from the competition. By investing in this book for your team, you are investing in their growth and your business's future success.

"Breaking the Mold" is a comprehensive resource that covers essential topics such as:

Unleashing the Power of Specialization: Discover the immense value of niche opportunities within the home staging industry and how they can skyrocket your team's expertise and marketability.

The Art of Habit Formation: Master the science behind habit formation and learn proven techniques to help your junior stagers develop productive and growth-oriented habits that lead to exceptional results.

Overcoming Challenges and Fears: Address the common psychological barriers that hold junior stagers back from specializing, and learn how to empower them to break free from limitations and embrace their unique strengths.

Navigating Niche Markets: Explore a variety of niche markets, from luxury properties to sustainable designs, and equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in these specialized areas.

Building Client Relationships: Learn how to leverage specialized expertise to build strong relationships with real estate agents and homeowners, positioning your business as the go-to choice for their staging needs.

This book is not just a source of information; it's a catalyst for growth, empowerment, and unparalleled success. Each page is infused with motivational language and inspirational stories that will ignite a fire within your team, encouraging them to dream big, think outside the box, and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie within their reach.

So, are you ready to break the mold? Are you ready to transform your junior stagers into masters of their craft? The choice is yours, and "Breaking the Mold: Mastering Habits for Junior Home Stagers" is here to guide you every step of the way. Get copies for your team today and witness the incredible impact that specialized skills and empowered habits can have on your business.

Prepare to revolutionize your team, captivate your clients, and leave a lasting legacy in the home staging industry. It all starts with "Breaking the Mold." Embrace the power of specialization and unlock the true potential of your junior home stagers.

Are you ready to empower your junior home stagers and take your business to the next level?

Then don't wait any longer – preview and purchase "Breaking the Mold: Mastering Habits for Junior Home Stagers" today!

This book is the ultimate resource for business owners looking to create a team of specialists who deliver unmatched value to their clients. It's time to break free from traditional molds and embrace the power of specialization. Get your copy today and witness the incredible impact it can have on your team's expertise, job satisfaction, and business revenue streams.

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