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mar 27 giu



What's your companies "Why"?

The critical difference between a company that succeeds, versus a company that struggles through is that their mission is clear. So, what's your "Why?"

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What's your companies "Why"?
What's your companies "Why"?

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27 giu 2023, 13:00 – 14:00


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What's your company's "Why?"

This is not your mission statement. This is not your value proposition. This isn't even your company culture.

Your "Why" is what will drive all of the above.

I hosted a small, 6-Episode series called the 3ft Project, where I asked very successful business owners..."We've all had that moment in business where you weren't sure this was gonna work out. What was that moment like for you? And how did you over come it?"

Here a link to the teaser:

Ultimately, their answers were the same...

1. When it was about their product or service, they struggled

2. They all realized they couldn't do it by themselves

3. They adopted or dove into a heart centered purpose

Basically, they discovered their "Why".

So, what's your "Why"?

This Zoom call is great for owners, managers and anyone in leadership. 


In this session, each attendee will have the opportunity to share:

- A little bit about your company

- Your "Why"

- Why your "Why" matters

- How it has impacted your team and clients

Then, I will give you an actionable plan for taking it further, or refining your "Why".


I am not a Woo Hoo kinda guy. But, defining your "Why" will give a greater purpose for your team and clients.

Many times the owner thinks this purpose needs to come from them. But I would invite you to look to your team for your "Why". Someone in your team most likely already volunteers and is involved with the community. I would deeply consider supporting them, and rallying your team and clients around causes that are dear to your team.


This session is great for your entire leadership team.

As a business owner, you're thinking, "Why would I want my explore my Why, with my team on the call?"

The simple answer.

They will respect your volnerability.


Your ticket purchase goes towards supporting Feeding America. 10% of ALL revenue, is donated to Feeding America, who is on a mission to end food scarcity in America. Each month, we take 10% of ALL revenues, and donate it directly to Feeding America.

So you will know that not only are you and your team learning skills that will change the culture and trajectory of your business, but it will support a cause that we can all support...Feeding America.

To learn more about Feeding America and our pledge to support their efforts, click here:

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