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How Investing Works.

Investing with DesignNOVATION is designed to be a straightforward and collaborative process that empowers you as an investor while propelling innovative startups forward.


Here's a detailed breakdown of how investing works with our accelerator and pre-seed fund:

Annual Deposit:

  • Each investor is expected to provide an annual deposit, which amounts to 20% of the funds they choose to commit. This deposit is utilized to cover administrative costs and ensure the smooth operation of our accelerator and pre-seed fund.


Earmarking Committed Funds:

  • Your committed funds are earmarked to be utilized throughout the year to support potential investments. These investments are identified through a combination of pitch events and one-on-one meetings with startup founders.



  • Accreditation to participate in our accelerator and pre-seed fund is based on a key criterion, which is a combined household income of over $200,000 annually. This ensures that our investors possess the financial capacity to engage meaningfully in the investment process.


Investor Roles:

  • As an investor in our program, you would be classified as an "Independent Investor," representing your individual commitment to our mission. DesignNOVATION assumes the role of "Investor Relations Manager," working as a mediator and facilitator to enhance the investor-startup connection.


Annual Spending Commitment:

  • To uphold the integrity of our accelerator and pre-seed fund, each investor is expected to commit to an annual spend, aligned with their individual commitment. This ensures a proactive and supportive financial environment for our startups.


Investment Opportunities:

  • DesignNOVATION serves as a catalyst for connecting investors with investment opportunities. We introduce you to carefully vetted startups, provide assistance with due diligence, and navigate the legal aspects of investment to safeguard your interests.


Pitch Events and Investor Meetings:

  • We host regular pitch events where startups present their innovative ideas to potential investors. These events offer a platform for you to explore a diverse range of investment opportunities. Additionally, we organize ongoing investor meetings to foster collaboration and share insights.


Quarterly and Annual Engagement:

  • As an investor, you'll have the opportunity to participate in quarterly meetings held via Zoom, offering convenient and efficient ways to stay connected and engaged. Additionally, we host annual in-person gatherings, ensuring that our investor community remains closely connected and informed.


Investing with DesignNOVATION is not just about providing financial support; it's about becoming an integral part of a thriving ecosystem of innovation and creativity within the design community. We aim to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations between investors and startups, empowering both to achieve their goals and shape the future of technology and design. Your commitment makes a real difference, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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