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Are you tired of the same old boring industry articles? Ready to dive into a world where the unspoken becomes the spotlight? Welcome to Design Porn's 'Bare Naked [Featured] Interviews,' where we strip away the mundane and reveal the pulsating heart of the design industry. At Design Porn, we're not satisfied with the status quo. We draw inspiration from fashion, technology, and the boldness of action sports to curate self-published article interviews that push the boundaries of design discourse. Our Featured Articles offer a staggering 10,000 interview options, allowing you to select the questions that resonate with your narrative. But here's the twist—we don't play it safe. We ask our Featured Guests to venture beyond comfort zones, to share the untold tales that linger within the shadows of the design world. We invite you to open up, spill the secrets, and reveal the unspoken truths that seldom see the light of day. Design Porn is a platform where creativity reigns supreme, where inspiration meets fearless storytelling. It's a culture of boldness, a space where the design community bares all to inspire and ignite artistic minds. Join us by selecting the questions that speak to you, unleashing your story's raw essence. Add those spicy photos that accentuate your creative process, and publish your article in our voyeuristic digital magazine—where design becomes a thrilling, revealing spectacle. Design Porn beckons you to join our provocative journey—where the unspoken becomes the inspiration and where creativity dares to bare it all to the design community.

Pop culture & lifestyle
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Design isn't just about making spaces pretty—it's a reflection of culture and lifestyle, intertwining with the fabric of our existence. Welcome to Design Porn's 'Pop Culture & Lifestyle' Articles, where we delve deep into the eclectic world of cultural influences, laying bare the stories and experiences of designers globally. Design Porn understands that culture and lifestyle are pivotal influencers in the design landscape. That's why our 'Pop Culture & Lifestyle' Articles uncover the gritty, the seedy, and the luxurious aspects of design's connection with the world around us. Here, nothing is off-limits, and even the darkest experiences wield influence over design. Our Articles offer a staggering 10,000 interview options, allowing you to handpick questions that align with your narrative. But here's the challenge—we urge our Featured Guests to stretch beyond their comfort zones, to unearth stories that rarely see the light outside the walls of the design community. Design Porn invites you to embrace discomfort, to expand personal boundaries, and share experiences that inspire fellow designers. Select the questions that resonate with your journey, upload your most daring photos, and publish your article in our clandestine digital magazine—where design becomes a provocative and daring spectacle. Join us in this unfiltered exploration of culture, lifestyle, and their intricate dance with design. Design Porn is the underground platform where uncomfortable truths morph into inspiring stories, shaping the future of design in ways you've never imagined.

Art, music & inspiration
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Design isn't just an entity in itself—it's a canvas painted by the brushes of art, music, and a myriad of inspirations. Welcome to Design Porn's 'Art, Music & Inspiration' Articles, where we venture into the profound influences shaping the minds of design's thought leaders. At Design Porn, we recognize that art, music, and inspiration intertwine intimately with the design narrative. Our 'Art, Music & Inspiration' Articles bring forth the voices of industry leaders as they traverse the depths of their creative inspiration. From Spotify playlists to the echoing halls of concerts, from prestigious museums to the unconventional realms of brothels and playhouses, we uncover the rich tapestry of what fuels their creative essence. Offering an astonishing 10,000 interview options, these articles allow you to select questions that resonate with your unique narrative. However, here's the challenge—we implore our Featured Guests to open up, to share vulnerably and openly, revealing the true impact of these inspirations on their design thinking. Design Porn invites you to delve into the shadows, to reveal the underbelly of experiences and inspirations that truly shape your artistic prowess. Say and share from the darkest corners of your experiences, unmasking the genuine artistry hidden beneath the superficial layers of fluff and posturing. Select the questions that resonate with your journey, unveil your most daring photos, and publish your article in our exclusive to-the-trade digital magazine. Join us in this expedition where design intertwines intimately with the realms of art, music, and inspiration—shaping a narrative that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the raw essence of creativity.

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About Design Porn

Welcome to 'Design Porn,' the exclusive digital haven for design professionals seeking a peek behind the curtains of creativity. Dive into an invite-only world where our articles uncover the clandestine lives of designers, architects, influencers, and manufacturers. We go beyond the surface, delving into the hidden realms and personal narratives, bringing forth candid and revealing insights. Our curated content spans featured articles, lifestyle escapades, pop culture revelations, artistic inspirations, and soul-stirring music, all woven together to ignite your imagination and fuel your creative journey. Join us in exploring the uncharted territories of design—where inspiration meets revelation, and where the raw, untamed essence of creativity thrives. Welcome to 'Design Porn,' where the truth behind the artistry is unveiled in all its revealing and captivating glory.

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So, you want to strip naked and bare your design soul to Design Porn? Well, you're in for a wild ride. Design Porn isn't your run-of-the-mill magazine—it's an invite-only, self-published, and fiercely independent counter-culture digital haven. We're not here to play it safe. We ask the questions that other designers whisper behind closed doors, the ones too daring or bold for the timid to voice. To be featured here means diving headfirst into the deep end of your creative psyche, revealing the raw, unfiltered truth of your design journey. Want to step into our spotlight? You've got two options: you can either step up and ask us to shine our revealing light on your work, or be brave enough to be asked. Either way, get ready to bare your deepest secrets. Now, here's the kicker: we're not just about words. We ask for more—yes, we want those revealing photos that lay bare your creative process, your space, and your inspirations. We're here to give our readers a voyeuristic peek into your personal life, your inspiration boards, and the very essence of your design. Being featured in Design Porn is not for the faint-hearted—it's for the bold, the brave, and the daring. So, if you're ready to reveal all, simply fill out our request form. Get ready to take a plunge into a world where exposing your design journey means showcasing the depths of your creative soul.

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