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Hosting a trade show or event?

Get paid for emailing your exhibitors and sponsors!

Angie Weber
Coverings 2024 | Use Promo Code: AngieNTD
Atlanta, GA | April 22-25
February 22, 2024 at 1:58:45 AM
Allison Eden, Glass Mosaic Artist
Allisons Wonderland of Mosaics
FEB 29, 2024
February 21, 2024 at 10:36:40 PM
Tag Gilkeson
International Builders’ Show
FEB 27-29, 2024
February 20, 2024 at 10:52:54 PM
You Could Earn $100 For Every Sign Up!

Unlock a seamless solution to boost exhibitor and sponsor engagement at your upcoming trade show or event, all while earning money effortlessly!


Trade Show Preview not only handles logistics, filming, editing, and distribution but also pays you for every participating brand.


Sign up for free, share your unique Trade Show Preview Link with exhibitors and sponsors, and watch the dollars roll in—up to $100 per sign-up!


Let's make your event unforgettable and profitable together!

Dollar Bill in Jar
Why Does This Matter?

Elevate your event experience effortlessly with Trade Show Preview, offering you not just seamless logistics but a lucrative passive revenue stream! Imagine effortlessly enlisting exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers to promote your show, all while earning cash for every sign-up.

Here's how it works: Sign up for free, upload your logo, event details, and payment preferences. We then craft a personalized, branded page for your exhibitors and sponsors to promote their participation. Each episode, featuring their booth or involvement, is sent to them and you within 1-2 days. And the best part? We pay you for every sign-up generated.

This means you send a few emails to your exhibitor, sponsor, and speaker list, and Trade Show Preview takes care of the rest - providing a hassle-free promotional avenue for your event while adding to your revenue stream. Let's redefine event success together!

How It Works

Experience the effortless magic of Trade Show Preview! Simply upload your logo, website, and event details, and we'll craft a custom branded page for you. Share it with exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers, inviting them to sign up for a personalized interview showcasing their participation at your event.

As they sign up for the Zoom interview, we strategically highlight your event, adding your logo, dates, and website URL to every video. You and your exhibitor/sponsor receive a copy of the interview within 1-2 days for your promotional use.

With almost zero effort on your part, Trade Show Preview empowers your partners to self-promote, enhancing both their visibility and your event's success.


Bonus: Earn up to $100 for every new sign-up! Elevate your event effortlessly with Trade Show Preview!

What You Get:

✔  Your Exhibitors + Sponsors Promoting Your Upcoming Event

✔  ZERO Hassles or Dollar Spend

✔  Done-For-You Branded Content

✔  Your Own Vanity URL

✔  MP4 Video Copy of Your Episode

✔  24-48 Hour Turn Around Time

✔  Simple and Easy Event Promotion

ZERO. Zilch. Nada!
ALL of this for ONLY:
There is ZERO Cost for Trade Shows or Event Organizers!
Rates Subject to change without notice. Register early to guarantee current rates.
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Let's Get You Set-up!
Step 1 - Contact Information
Step 2 - Company Information
Upload Company Logo
Step 3 - Event Information
Step 4 - Recording Date, Time and Payment
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