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A major difference between a website and a platform is that websites are designed to provide information for people that come to or discover a site.

A platform is a virtual space to connect with others, give and take information and build community.

As a platform, it is very easy to sell advertising space for others to benefit from the traffic your platform is able to attract. By adding advertising, you multiply the sites traffic, because your advertisers now have the motivation to promote you and your business as well.

You essentially become your own marketplace.

We do not charge you for ads of ad revenue. Instead, we partner with you.


You provide permission to offer advertising space, and we take care of the ad sales. Then we take a revenue split.


On leads and revenue we generate, we take a 60% cut. On leads and revenue you generate and close, you take a 60% cut.


Payments are summarized monthly and paid out via PayPal or invoice.




We all make money.

Outside Advertising

6.300,00$ Standardpreis
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