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Di., 18. Apr.



Stop putting out fires!

Putting out fires will kill you and your business. In this session we will learn to stop putting out fires, and focus on fire prevention.

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Stop putting out fires!
Stop putting out fires!

Zeit & Ort

18. Apr. 2023, 13:00 – 14:00


Über die Veranstaltung

Is your day spent putting out fires?

As business owners and managers, it's very easy to fall into the routine of putting out the latest fires.

Shit comes up, and you just "have to fix it"...

What if you didn't?

What if you focused on fire prevention?

In this session, we will work on how to respond to the latest emergency, and whether or not it's actually a priority (for you).

This Zoom call is great for owners, managers and anyone in leadership, that needs to learn to take back control of their day.


In this session, each attendee will have the opportunity to share a little bit about their company, and a scenario they are currently experiencing.

Then, they will be asked to assign that task a monetary value.

Then they will be asked if they had a total budget, where their time is better spent, and how much they would lose by reassigning that task to someone else.

That sounds stupid. 

But try it. 

Imagine your time is worth $5,000 an hour.

Does it make sense to go to Starbucks and buy a $5 cup of coffee?

Taking 45 minutes to pick up a cup of coffee costs you $3,750.00 for your $5.00 and tip

What if you ordered GrubHub instead?

You just saved $3,730!


The faster you learn to value your time.

The closer you will be to setting your priorities and being available to your team, clients and family.

You are way more valueable that you give yourself credit for.


This session is great for your entire leadership team.

As a business owner, you're thinking, "Why would I want my managers to learn how to STOP putting out fires? Isn't that their job?"

The simple answer.

Their job is NOT to prevent fires.

If they are spending their time putting out fires, they are just reacting. Their focus should be on building systems and engaging clients. Not putting out fires.

You would be cultivating a team that is empowered to think on their own and value customer service.


Your ticket purchase goes towards supporting Feeding America. 10% of ALL revenue, is donated to Feeding America, who is on a mission to end food scarcity in America. Each month, we take 10% of ALL revenues, and donate it directly to Feeding America.

So you will know that not only are you and your team learning skills that will change the culture and trajectory of your business, but it will support a cause that we can all support...Feeding America.

To learn more about Feeding America and our pledge to support their efforts, click here:

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